Whenever we talk about Botox, the image that flashes across our mind is that of a lady undergoing the treatment to remove wrinkles and crowfeet from the face that happens due to aging. Although we relate Botox to cosmetic improvements of the face to help achieve younger looks, its application is not restricted within the beauty industry only. Still, the process is popular in dentistry too. Despite being a relatively new area in dentistry, it is slowly gaining popularity because dentists’ training makes them experts in the bone architecture of the face and face muscles, and they can use their skills for achieving more natural-looking and precise results in beautification as compared to other Botox providers.

If you need to repair facial aesthetics, you can have a process done by a dentist at Botox Downey Ca. It is instrumental in treating high lip lines seen in people who have difficulty adjusting to new dentures. The process is also helpful for lip augmentation that gives fuller and shapelier lips. Each of these procedures uses Botox, the well-known filler material that has a high tolerance level among humans and makes patients feel more comfortable.

What is Botox dentistry?

By now, you have got some idea about the use of Botox in dentistry from the perspective of its application, but to know the details of the process and how it can help dental patients, this article should help you. Botox is a protein most effective in removing wrinkles from the skin, and it is available from natural sources rich in clostridium botulinum, a bacterium that occurs naturally. A small dose of Botox injection used for the treatment has limited longevity. To sustain the benefits of Botox treatment, you must keep refreshing it periodically.

Botox for high lip lines

Many people with high lip lines can now avoid surgery and instead choose Botox treatment. High lips mean that your gums become visible above your teeth when you smile that can embarrass you. A gummy smile, as many call it, is often a concern as it affects facial beauty. While surgery used to be the only solution earlier, now Botox can set the high lip lines at a much lower cost, lesser time, and without any cuts, bruises, and stitches.

Adjustment needed for new dentures

Discomfort from new dentures is quite common because the sudden change to the mouth creates an imbalance to the mouth, which is used only for gradual changes. When someone struggles too much to adjust to new dentures, they can benefit significantly from Botox that relaxes the muscles and allow better adjustment in a shorter time.  It is also useful for reducing pain and discomfort from any other orthodontic procedure.

Reshaping and enhancing your smile

 By improving lip lines and removing wrinkles, Botox can help to reshape your smile and enhance it. The dentist can achieve simple cosmetic improvements by using Botox that goes a long way to improve your facial beauty and create the most attractive smile.

Doing Botox twice a year will help retain the skin’s freshness, but it might not be necessary if the muscles remain firm for a longer time.