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While dealing with injuries and pain due to an accident, you might have reached out to a personal injury attorney to help you with your case. You need help recovering the compensation you know you deserve. However, you might be surprised to get the discouraging news that something you have done has disqualified you from filing a claim. Read on to find seven common mistakes personal injury clients make. You may be just in time to avoid making them yourself.

1.   Failing to Seek Medical Attention

Getting your injuries checked out is a must immediately after an accident. Don’t dismiss the possibility of an injury since many take time to become apparent and internal organ damage may not be immediately obvious. Not only do you need the medical record of this visit for your personal injury claim, but not getting medical attention for your injuries will send a message to the jury that your injuries are really not that serious.

2.   Taking Too Long to File Your Claim

A successful claim requires that your attorney have sufficient time to build a strong case. Also, every state has particular laws and regulations as to the timing of a claim and when items need to be submitted. Waiting too long may mean that you have gone over the statute of limitations, and your case will be dismissed.

3.   Not Presenting Evidence

The more evidence you have to strengthen your claim, the better results you will have. If there is a police report, if you have medical bills, pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage to your car, testimonies from eyewitnesses, and more, give them to your attorney as soon as possible so that they can be included in your claim.

4.   Making Inappropriate Use of Social Media

Claiming that you are injured, suffering from pain, and unable to work becomes difficult to believe when you post pictures of yourself surrounded by friends and enjoying a day at the beach. Even if your posts are related to the accident, they may give the jury the impression that you are not badly hurt since you have time for social media.

5.   Accepting the First Offer

The insurance company will most likely want to offer you the lowest amount possible. Being in a rush to accept whatever you are offered may mean that you end up with much less money than you should receive. You’d be much better off allowing your attorney to negotiate on your behalf, especially if you are both convinced that what you are being offered is unfair.

6.   Representing Yourself

Don’t close the door to the option of having an attorney. The truth is that dealing with your injuries while trying to understand enough about personal injury lawyer to defend yourself will probably not yield the results you are anticipating. For more on the importance of hiring a car accident attorney, follow the URL here and find everything you are looking for. Increase your chances of getting a big payout by working with a personal injury attorney.

7.   Not Asking the Right Questions

Personal injury laws are complicated, and there is no reason why you should know every one of them. You may feel intimidated by the whole process and have questions about what is going to happen and when. Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP recommends that you not hesitate to ask questions from your lawyer. After all, it is your health and wellbeing that are on the line.