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You’re likely reading this article today because you want to introduce telemedicine to your patients. However, you’re unsure of the best practices of doing so. The following are some essential inspirational tips to help your facility evolve with this new way of treating patients:

Emphasize the Benefits of Telemedicine

While some patients will already know about telemedicine, others might feel hesitant about moving to a new way of dealing with their health issues. It’s for that reason you must emphasize the benefits of telemedicine to your patients.

Well-known industry names like Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences already demonstrate how telemedicine can successfully deliver personalized aid to patients in vast numbers. There’s no reason why the same success story cannot apply to your healthcare services.

Provide a “Fact Sheet” About Telemedicine

If patients new to telemedicine were to Google the term, they might feel somewhat overwhelmed by the information they see before them. To help ease their minds about this fantastic new healthcare provision method, consider making a fact sheet on the subject.

A professionally-designed fact sheet that answers common questions asked by patients will allay their fears on the subject and educate them on the numerous benefits. You should make the fact sheet available in digital format and a printed brochure format.

Don’t Use Medical Jargon

Few of your patients will likely have a medical background, so most will struggle to comprehend terms like ‘telemedicine.’ Instead, use words such as ‘online appointments’ and ‘video chats with your doctor.’

If you use jargon instead of simple terminology with your patients, you won’t offer people a real understanding of telemedicine and can potentially cause them to decline such a provision.

Invite Your Patients to Ask Questions

Your patients will naturally want to ask more questions on the subject of telemedicine before agreeing to virtual consultations and remote diagnoses. Keeping that thought in mind, you should strongly encourage patients to ask for more information if they need clarification.

You could encourage a dialogue about telemedicine with your patients in many ways. For example, you could include signs or notices at your healthcare facility or have an email signature inviting people to message or call to learn more about telemedicine.

Final Thoughts

Telemedicine is undoubtedly the future of healthcare. It has certainly proved a useful concept in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. But, telemedicine also makes it possible for vulnerable patients to receive the care they need without risking their health.

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