No one can be too old or too young to go for checkups; checking on your health can help you avoid some complications that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Men’s health is one of the issues hushed upon, unlike women who constantly have their women’s wellness trips. Make a point and change the perception by paying a visit to Kalpana Desai MD. The doctor simply has what it takes; she has the experience and the skills to help you avoid serious life complications.

Why do you need regular check-ups as a man?

A common perception is that women have more reasons to go to the doctor for checkups. The perception has made many men stay away from the doctor, which can have deadly consequences. Men, like women, have medical issues that must reach the doctor as soon as possible. Another important point is that going to the doctor regularly can help catch issues early on before becoming hazardous to your life or wellbeing. Preventive measures can also help you avoid dealing with some diseases as you grow old, which is why you should make a point to see your doctor regularly.

Regular visits to a doctor create important connections that last, these connections can help you avoid some of the most deadly diseases in the world. The common issues of interest to solve include a check on your blood pressure, heart rate, and even the common chronic issues that affect people with advanced age.

It is also imperative to check on your sexual health, as STIs might creep in and render you unable to perform or, worse, influence your fertility. Routine medical checkups can build your confidence and help you return to the doctor as much as possible. You can also request examinations and tests on your prostate if over the age of forty to help avoid the dreaded disease—cancer.

Why should you even consider STD screening?

Sex is an important part of any man. It could be you have multiple partners. As much as the fun and thrill are involved, you might acquire an STD. STDs take their time and you could help infect other people unknowingly. Frequent tests and examinations can help you avoid the situation and even detect any STDs currently in your system for early treatment. You can protect yourself and others by having the following:

  • Physical examinations
  • Cheek swab
  • Urine testing
  • Blood tests

Currently, most STDs cannot evade the medicines created by the medical scientist, and if not, at least you get therapies to manage them. The relationship you create with your doctor can help avoid embarrassment, especially when having swabs or tests in the anus, penis, or blisters on your sexual organs.

What other important tests can you have during men’s wellness examinations?

Cancers are the most dreaded medical issue. However, Integrated Family Medical Center has got you covered, and you will benefit more with better health as you go on with your life.

Do not let fear and perceptions prevent you from accomplishing your health goals. Find out why you have a certain issue by reaching Integrated Family Medical Center via its phone line or make an online appointment.