Medical spas are becoming an increasingly popular destination, with 155.8 million visits registered every year. Medical spas essentially combine luxurious elements from traditional spas with services offered in medical facilities to create a unique healing experience for patients. Injectable treatments, post-surgery recovery, and pain management are some of the most effective services offered.

Injectable Treatments

Health spas now offer a range of anti-aging treatments to improve and prevent signs of aging, and these can be found in an increasing number of regions. Look to local medical providers and residents to find the most respectable centers for injectable treatments. For example, for people living in and around Texas, non-invasive medspa treatments can be found by visiting a medical spa Austin residents recommend; for those in California, find out about recommended treatment centers in LA.

The latest in medical aesthetic products, technologies, and techniques are used to achieve natural-looking results. In particular, cosmetic injections and fillers like Botox and Juvederm can minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles. Juvéderm consists of hyaluronic acid, which plumps up the skin, while Botox works to temporarily relax facial muscles. Both are extremely fast treatments, taking mere minutes to complete.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Following any surgical operation, relaxation plays a key role in a healthy recovery process. Medical spas offer specialized services to help post-surgery recovery. In particular, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can aid the recovery process, and even improve scar recovery by delivering oxygen to vital blood cells. This effective medical grade oxygen therapy boosts the body’s uptake of oxygen by delivering it to the blood, plasma and body tissues. Therapy sessions take place in pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers, where patients can lie down comfortably and relax, read, or listen to music while the treatment is delivered.

Pain Management

Whether individuals are dealing with musculoskeletal or neurological problems, effective pain management is essential for improving and maintaining the quality of life. Medical spas offer a range of treatments designed to facilitate pain management. For example, reflexology, massage, and acupuncture treatments are popular treatments used to reduce pain, relieve stress, and promote the body’s own intrinsic abilities to heal. Additionally, hydrotherapy in mineral or still water is an effective way to relax tense or inflamed muscles and improve the range of movement in joints. Patients can also attend either individual or group teaching sessions designed to deepen their understanding of chronic pain and its impact on the body, as well as receive advice on pain management in daily life.

Ultimately, medical spas can help people look and feel better and improve their overall quality of life. Injectable treatments, post-surgery recovery, and pain management are some of the most popular services these facilities currently offer.