One out of every ten people in the world is dealing with piles on a regular basis without getting proper treatment. The problem is the same in every city in India too. People are usually unwilling to take any serious action against a health problem unless it becomes severe. And piles is just another story in such cases.

Whether you are sitting, standing, walking, or doing any other activities, piles can make your life irritating and uncomfortable to an extent that your days will drown in pain. Taking the right action at the right time is essential if you want to get rid of this ailment as soon as possible. So, how do you find the best doctor for laser piles treatment in Patna?

Before you pick the doctor, you must have an idea of what you should look for in the doctor’s profile, especially if you are opting for laser treatment. Not every local proctologist will have the necessary equipment and experience to perform laser surgery. To find the best doctor for laser piles treatment in Patna, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care and book an appointment online to discuss your case.

Line of Actions for Piles Treatment

Older people once used to tell the young ones that every ailment in the body can be removed by a healthy diet and lifestyle. And that’s the biggest truth you will ever hear. However, many people are not that lucky to get rid of piles. Some cases of piles are associated with other underlying health issues.

So, if you expect that piles won’t last long or return by changing your diet, then you should reconsider your decision. The duration of piles varies in every individual. And if left untreated, it will last for years until you decide to get surgery. That’s why it is often suggested that you don’t ignore the blood in stool, pain, and recurrence of piles at any cost. If these symptoms last for a week or more regularly, contact the nearest doctor for piles treatment.

In the mild cases of piles, it is fine to consult with your family doctor or general physician to manage piles. But in case the condition is only getting serious, it is better to visit a proctologist or gastroenterologist who specializes in such procedures. Only they will be able to provide the advanced and authentic piles treatment that you need.

Top 10 List of Doctors For Laser Piles Treatment in Patna

Sl. No. Doctor’s Name Experience (in years) Qualifications Association with
1 Dr. Qaisar Jamal 13+ MBBS, MS Pristyn Care
2 Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar 26+ MBBS, MS Chirayu Health Care
3 Dr. Bijay Kumar 21+ MBBS, MS Ambika Health Centre
4 Dr. Ravi Shekhar 10+ MBBS, MS Pristyn Care
5 Dr. Shantam Mohan 13+ DM, MD Saroj-Madan Gastro-Liver Care Clinic
6 Dr. Mohammad Eqbal Ahmad 31+ MS Jivan Jyoti
7 Dr. Awanish Kumar 3+ DM Indubraj Multispeciality Clinic
8 Dr. Md Nazish Raza 6+ MD, DDM Raza Liver Gastro Clinic
9 Dr. Nihal Kumar 11+ BHMS, MD Kumud Homeo Clinic
10 Dr. Upendra Kumar Verma 30+ DHMS Homeo Medicare

Laser Piles Treatment- Safest Method for Piles Treatment

After the adoption of laser surgery, it has become the most recommended line of treatment for piles. While mild cases can be treated via cauterization, rubber band ligation, and sclerotherapy, severe cases need a surgical procedure like photocoagulation, hemorrhoidectomy, or laser treatment. In many cases, the OTC medicines and medical ointments don’t have a significant impact on piles. As a last resort, instead of open-surgery, both patients and doctors choose laser piles treatment in Patna and in other cities as well.

The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis giving a convenient solution to everyone. As compared to other procedures, the laser can target the exact tissues that need to be treated or removed without disturbing the surrounding tissues. As for patients, it is a non-intrusive method and no bleeding or pain is involved. The laser focuses on the affected area and seals the small blood vessels precisely. As soon as the nerves are also closed off, the discomfort and pain associated with piles also dissipate.

Advantages of Laser Piles Surgery

Once you go over the procedure with the doctor for laser piles treatment, you will understand how simplistic and flawless the entire process can be. From sedating the patient to shrinking the swollen nodes, the abnormal growth of piles in the rectum is inhibited with a high-end laser beam to remove the problem from roots.

Here are some major benefits of laser piles treatment in Patna.

  • No need for overnight hospital stays after the procedure
  • Less painful surgery with no intrusion
  • Safest treatment method among all old and modern techniques
  • No bleeding as the blood vessels are sealed with the laser
  • No side effects or complications after surgery
  • Faster recovery as no incisions are involved

The Takeaway

You might feel embarrassed to talk about piles to a doctor. However, know that the condition is very common and the doctor won’t feel surprised or pass judgment. Living with severe pain and discomfort is not necessary as long as you are willing to open up. Once you understand the need to get treatment, you can start looking out for top doctors for laser piles treatment in Patna.