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Humans have long sought ways to break the shackles of age. From ancient legends about fountains that can help you to achieve eternal youth to modern companies that promise to be able to halt your aging, people have always been fascinated with this idea. Of course, though, alongside the old remedies for age, there are plenty of modern myths surrounding the field of scientific anti-aging. Many products claim to be able to enable you to go against the tide of time, but which of these options can actually have an impact on your biological age?

Cosmetic Anti-Aging

Cosmetic anti-aging is probably the most common approach to this sort of issue. There are countless products on the market that promise to hide and halt the signs of aging, though these options won’t actually do anything to improve your health as you get older. An anti-aging cream, for example, will usually simply increase the elasticity of your skin in an effort to iron out wrinkles and make your skin look younger. These benefits can be important from an appearance perspective, but they won’t actually impact your body in a meaningful way. Of course, it would be wrong to say that a lot of people think that cosmetic anti-aging products actually reduce your biological age, but the companies that sell them would rather that you buy into this myth.

Lifestyle Anti-Aging

This next area is a little more powerful than the first, with lifestyle anti-aging having the power to improve your health and make you feel more comfortable as you get older. Eating a good diet, engaging in plenty of exercises, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking can be a great way to start working towards this. This won’t actually halt the process of aging, but it can help to increase your chances of enjoying a healthy body once you get older. It’s worth keeping in mind that certain types of exercise will actually age parts of your body, like joints, faster than others, making the idea that exercise and a good diet are the absolute keys to a long and comfortable life somewhat of a myth.

Scientific Anti-Aging

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to let science lead the way. Researchers have made massive steps towards improving real anti-aging products over the last few years, with options hitting that market that can genuinely increase your lifespan. NAD is a great example of this, but what is NAD? This treatment helps your body to produce vital coenzymes that help to keep your cells working properly, lessening the impact that time has on your body. This sort of treatment is probably the closest humans have to a real solution to aging, but it will be a very long time, if ever at all, that humans are able to truly bring the myth of immortality into reality.

The future of your body is always something that you should be keeping in mind. Many people work towards a healthier future with the tools they have available, but it can be all too easy to buy into myths that make you ignore other aspects of your health. At the end of it all, everyone has a finite life, and this can make it better to spend your time working to enjoy the time you have rather than desperately trying to extend it.

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