In the ever-changing, hyper-competitive world of healthcare, healthcare businesses need to be constantly changing and marketing to keep attracting customers. Boosting patient engagement and attracting new patients to your business is key. While in the past, it might have been possible to rely on word of mouth. Nowadays, you need to do much more to move from surviving to thriving. 

  1. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy

Whether you do this yourself or through the use of an external agency, creating a clear, well-thought-out plan is crucial. Without a marketing strategy, your healthcare business risks delivering disjointed marketing campaigns and missing out on customers. Fine-tune your strategy and ensure you get to know your target audiences, so you can reach the right groups of potential patients with your marketing efforts. 

  1. Update your website

In this digital age, your website has become your shop front. Now more than ever, as many stay at home to shield themselves from COVID-19, people are looking to the internet to answer their problems and shop for solutions. So, if you’re boosting your efforts to reach new patients, it’s crucial that your ‘shop front’ looks as professional and trustworthy as your business really is. If you’re confident in your ability you can use online tools to assist you, or you can commission developers. 

  1. Keep things mobile-friendly 

Creating mobile-first assets – websites, online booking systems, campaign assets – is vital. By allowing customers to access your services, or at least have a clear view of them, in their hand is immeasurably useful. For example, if a patient is looking up Dr. Shakeel Ahmed and they cannot see a photo or the website is too small for them to read, they’ll likely move on to look up another doctor. And then the patient is lost. 

  1. Consider video marketing 

Video content has a much higher rate of engagement than any other form of content and it’s not one to be ignored when marketing a business. Consider how you could develop video content — could you develop TrueView ads for YouTube, and only pay when someone watches your ad in full? Or could you go one step further and set up an actual YouTube account for your business and boost engagement that way? Patients and potential patients can engage with your content, learn much more, much faster than they would do before. It’s a very important area for all healthcare businesses to explore. 

  1. Gather testimonials 

While it’s not new news that reviews and testimonials are useful, it’s important to keep this up. Having old reviews listed on a Google page isn’t useful – potential customers are looking for new, positive reviews when they’re researching whether or not they want to engage with your healthcare business. Positive reviews are a signifier that you’re a trustworthy business, and there is no industry where trust is more important than healthcare. Ensuring that online and in person, people recommend you to their loved ones is key, so do anything you can to boost that in your marketing. 

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