Body contouring is one of the famous cosmetic procedures people seek regularly. There are many reasons why people turn to the treatment option, including frustrating stubborn fat. Memphis body contouring experts at A Beautiful You Medical SPA offer this noninvasive treatment option to help patients reach their body goals by getting rid of fat and cellulite. The procedure has proven effective as it destroys fat cells, eliminating fat even in the most stubborn areas. However, there is a lot you might not know about body contouring. Have a look.

It is Not Just for Weight Loss

Although body contouring eliminates fat and cellulite even in the most stubborn areas, it is also referred to as body sculpting or body shaping. It encompasses several plastic surgery procedures, which is why men and women worldwide are turning to this procedure to achieve their body goals. Besides weight loss, body contouring can be used for other purposes ranging from arm lifts to vaginal shaping. It has no limit. Also, it can be used alongside other procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks.

It is Not the Same for Men and Women

Body contouring is gender-biased and is different for both men and women. The main reason for that is because men and women have unique physical makeups. Therefore, there are no two procedures similar to each other, and each gender contour varies. Body contouring mainly focuses on sculpting inner thighs, breast rounding and shaping, and trimming the abdomen for women. However, men’s fat distribution varies that of women, and their procedure mainly focuses on breast reduction, sculpting the core, and trimming the waistline.

It is Psychological Too

Many people only focus on the physical changes that body contouring offers. But know that contouring affects you psychologically. Note that contouring will dramatically change your body’s image and appearance. This will cause some emotional and psychological changes as well, and this can linger past your recovery. Your confidence and self-esteem will be boosted, but you must be prepared to meet the new you. However, the changes can take you by surprise if you were not adequately prepared for them.

There is No Age Limit for Body Contouring

Unlike some cosmetic procedures, which can have some age limitations, all ages can undergo body contouring. However, you must be healthy, nonsmoker, and your weight is stabilized, among other requirements. However, anyone below 18 must seek permission to undergo the procedure by the guardian, and other considerations can vary depending on the medical practice and the locality regulations.

Timeline Varies

As you seek body contouring, please understand that your needs are unique and will be addressed like that. Anything you have seen or heard from your friends may not count in. consult your provider adequately to understand how personalized your procedure will be, including the planning, methodology, results, and recovery. Some people require a waiting time before the process, and others have extensive recovery periods while others recover weeks after their procedure. Your provider will provide all the relevant information based on your unique needs.

You can explore more about body contouring by speaking to the experts at A Beautiful You Medical SPA today. You will get to know how you can benefit from this life-changing treatment option.