We live in a very busy society where we really have to find an outlet to unleash our stress. Some people sleep to be able to recuperate, some go out with friends, and others, like any other normal person, eat. Admit it not, we really love eating food!

Eating, aside from it being a fundamental process that we do, can also be an outlet where we can release our stress from work, it is also the time where we give ourselves a break from all the work we are faced with but we really also have to be careful on what we ingest. 

There are a lot of digestive issues that we might face if we won’t pay attention to our diet.
Have you ever felt dizzy after eating new food? Or felt like you wanted to vomit everything after a sumptuous meal? Others also experience sudden migraine and irritable bowel.

 These are just some of the digestive issues that may have already been encountered in the past but didn’t notice nor paid our attention to. If you encounter this, you really have to pay attention because if ignored, this might lead to a more serious problem in the future.

The best way to identify the foods that cause us to have digestive issues as mentioned earlier is simply by having a food sensitivity test. A food test is a process by which it gives us the root cause of our allergic reactions to the food we intake grounding on the IgG reactivity.

It measures your sensitivity levels by examining your body’s IgG immune response to each type of food included in the panel. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a type of antibody that is found in our blood and bodily fluids. This antibody is responsible for protecting our system against harmful infections.

Food tests are done to identify how our IgG levels react against specific lists of food. From here, we can deduce what types of foods irritate our guts. It is important that we get to test ourselves in order to know and identify the substances that we have to avoid, food that triggers us and causes allergic reactions.

Food tests can be done at home. There are several medical companies that offer at-home tests with online consultation accompanied by online results. With these types of services, we can avail online, an individual wouldn’t need to go to physical clinics anymore to be diagnosed and be cured of his/her allergies. 

Indeed, at a time when health becomes one of the most precious things that we have to maintain and protect, it is also the time when we really have to double our efforts in deciding to live a healthy life and avoiding the food that causes us to be sick. Food test is just an example of the several medical tests that can be done in the comfort of our homes. Aside from it being cost-efficient, it also spares us from the hassle of going out and being exposed to different people in a pandemic.