The Scottish government confirmed that NHS workers would receive a four percent pay rise, according to a report by BBC. Jeane Freeman said the annual average salary for an NHS nurse would increase by an estimated £1,200. However, the health secretary added that the pay increase didn’t apply to doctors, as it only recognized the NHS staff’s commitment during the COVID-19 crisis. As the government has chosen to increase pay against its usual cycle, this move is also in contrast to the 1% rise NHS employees in England are expected to receive. The consideration of NHS salary increase is because there is high demand for medical skills. By increasing pay rise, the NHS hopes to hire and retain the workers it needs to boost the healthcare sector’s road to recovery. Below are some key reasons why healthcare staff are in high demand.

Health Professionals Are Rethinking Their Careers 

In recent years, many general physicians have reduced their working hours due to various reasons. Key factors forcing doctors to rethink their careers are low insurance reimbursement and strict regulations. Before the 2000s, being a doctor guaranteed a prosperous future, as you could easily finance your education using student loans and buy a house during your years in residency. After graduation, one would finance their children’s education and save for retirement, and use the rest of their income for luxury living. Currently, doctors feel the healthcare sector isn’t viable and sustainable anymore due to globalization, shifting industry trends, and technological disruptions. As more physicians reevaluate their career paths, the demand for more doctors and nurses will increase dramatically in the next coming years. 

Tech Advancements Continue To Impact Medical Care 

Technology continues to affect the healthcare sector with impressive breakthroughs in research, data collection, and treatment options. For example, today’s patients no longer need to visit the hospital because they can use remote health monitoring devices. This technology allows doctors to evaluate a patient’s health condition virtually. In addition to diagnostic and monitoring technology, medical professionals can rely on hi-tech for temporary staffing. According to TempMee,Inc, relying on technology instead of Temp agencies eliminates the need for intermediaries. This move allows doctors to save money on booking fees. The increased use of tech in healthcare will drive more demand for medical staff to develop, test, and manage solutions.

People Are Living Longer

Unlike previous generations, baby boomers live longer and have higher expectations of leading a healthy lifestyle as they grow old. Interestingly, boomers are also demanding advanced health care technologies that enable them to access better services. Given boomers are tech-savvy, they expect the health care sector to provide telemedicine, innovative wearables for health monitoring, and digital record keeping.

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the leading aspects driving the demand for healthcare professionals worldwide. However, there are other reasons the demand for medical workers is increasing at a rapid rate. These factors include an increased need for advanced health care technologies. Furthermore, people live longer, and physicians work part-time as they rethink their careers.