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Some people view dental visits could be very scary, but it’s not like that all the time. It’s totally normal to feel anxious if it’s your first time visiting an orthodontist, but there’s nothing for you to worry about. Do not allow fear to keep you from getting the proper dental care that you need, or else it could cause some serious effects on your health.

One of the major societal beauty standards that people look up to is to have the perfect smile. Having healthy oral health through daily brushing and flossing sometimes is not enough to have good oral care. This is why most people resort to visiting their orthodontists to attain the pearly-white smile that’s perfect.

 But, there are also several myths spreading around the world concerning braces and various orthodontic treatments. Before you start believing the myths circulating everywhere about dental treatments, read below as we debunk some of the common myths that need to be corrected.

Braces Will Forever Be Painful and Only for the Teenagers

The saying “no pain, no gain” is clearly evident in this scenario. It is true that having braces could sometimes be painful, but it will not stay painful forever. At first, you will feel a little uncomfortable with the change, but you will get used to your braces and forget they are actually there. The pain period only arises after the adjustments.

Also, it is not true that you can ever be too old to have braces. You can achieve that beautiful smile at any age you want. You may also visit your orthodontist to know about a range of adult orthodontic treatments for you. Also, don’t worry about the pain; there are tons of simple remedies or painkillers that could help you manage the pain.

Getting an Orthodontic Treatment Is Too Pricey

There are times that the tag on an orthodontic treatment could make you step back from having the procedure done. But, you must not allow this to hinder you from taking the proper oral care you need for your overall health. It is still you who would benefit from it.

If you struggle with a one-time payment, it will help if you have dental insurance to cover a huge amount on your bill. There are also orthodontists that offer flexible payment plans and are very considerate in helping you. You just have to be aware of the available options you have.

Not to mention, remember that each type of treatment costs differently. Many orthodontists allow patients to pay by monthly installments with no interest. If you can, negotiate with your dentist to debunk this myth.

Results Will Start To Show Immediately

Having one treatment from your orthodontist will not magically change how your teeth look! For instance, you have crooked teeth, it’s understandable that you want to instantly see changes in how your teeth look. But, usually, treatments for this kind of case could take anywhere between two to three years, varying on the kind of braces you have chosen.

With just a little patience, time, effort, and endurance, you will be near to achieving that straightened teeth you have always wanted. It will always be a worth it journey to be able to see yourself be confident and feel beautiful with a better smile.

Your Teeth Will Not Shift to Its Past Appearance After Braces

Having braces is a big investment of time and money. But, it does not assure that it will stay straightened forever after you have it removed. There would be a likelihood that your teeth will constantly shift after having braces. Since the body grows, the teeth also undergo some shifting. But, the good news is that wearing a retainer could help prevent this from happening.

So, it just means that your journey to having straight teeth will not end in having braces. You still have to wear retainers, but it will not be the same with the braces that cannot be removed. But, it greatly helps in maintaining your teeth, staying in position, and control shifting.

You Have To Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Foods

One of the major things patients are concerned about is whether they could still eat or have to give up their favorite go-to foods for the whole duration of having braces. But, this is not completely true.

If you have metal braces, chances are you would have to say goodbye to hard candies and sticky foods. This could destroy your braces and get stuck within the brackets that could cause more problems. Additionally, you would have to limit your consumption of some drinks like wine since it could affect the state of the braces.

But, if you have an Invisalign treatment, you don’t have to worry about having any food or drink limitations. The best thing about this is that you get to wear clear aligners that are removable and eventually help straighten your teeth. You don’t have to think about breaking a bracket or wire. None of this exists when you get this kind of treatment.


Overall health also includes giving dental health attention. Also, nowadays, there are a lot of myths spreading around about how to properly take care of your oral health. You can’t just follow what you see or hear from people, for it could harm you.

Be aware and make it a responsibility to only believe reliable facts given by orthodontics. This will not only save you from harm, but it will save you money. Thus, check out the information above concerning correcting false myths about braces and orthodontist treatments.