You may not have noticed it, but I’m probably sure you’re slouching down with your neck bent while you’re reading this. Of course, with the pandemic’s sudden onslaught, virtual classes and stay-at-home work have become a major thing. And because of this, computer use has resulted in a significant health issue: neck and back pain.

Sitting idle in a chair for hours on end has done no good to anyone. In a study in Italy in August 2020, workers from home felt less satisfaction in their jobs as 50% suffer from neck pain and 41.2% suffer from back pain. With all the difficulties and changes brought by the lockdown situation, you would think that finding the perfect remedy for your problem is a challenging task.

However, it need not be as it could just be as easy as a click of a button or a read down below – as we offer you the secrets of spinal manipulation, the solution to all of your stiffness and soreness! 

Spinal Manipulation Defined

When we talk about spinal manipulation, we’re talking about the first thing that comes into your mind: chiropractic care. And although this may sound scary and new, like getting thrown off the building or having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson break you in half, it’s very refreshing.

Spinal manipulation, one of the health approaches used by a chiropractor, is an alternative treatment without needles, medications, or operations. It is a method that thrusts and restores joints in their original place, enabling the body to heal in itself with the push of a button.

Chiropractors, in addition, have studied the body for years and understand it very well that they know what they’re doing – using their hands to direct a controlled thrust on a joint to properly align your body in a way that won’t hurt you. And although the magnitude, force, and direction of the thrust may vary, the result is still the same: improved joint movement and pain relief. 

Benefits Of Spinal Manipulation

Increased Mobility

Back or neck pain can make life uncomfortable – and spinal manipulation can help solve this! After a session, you will feel like a highly new person, increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and range in motion. It will make you feel like nothing is holding you back and push you to a more active lifestyle. 

Non-Invasive and Medication-Free

This can be an alternative to the traditional drug-use methods you typically use. It needs no needles, no surgeries, and even no drug intakes for you to enjoy its benefits. What more could you need? 

The Best Doctor For Spinal Manipulation

If you’re on the chiropractic roller coaster, the next thing you may want is to research the best chiropractor you can find. And no, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not the best one for the job.

For this, you will want one that can offer you the best services that genuinely care and caters to persons of all ages. Thus, read below and find the best one for you: 

Look For Referrals

Asking your physician or physical therapist for referrals to chiropractors who are competent and trustworthy is the best way to start! With this, you could even ask friends who have already tried it as they have first-hand experience. Nevertheless, taking the time to research the doctor’s credentials, skills, and training is a must. 

Consider Their Experience

The experiences of the chiropractor always matter. The more training and experience the chiropractor has, the better the services and the results will be. With this, you could ask them how many procedures they’ve done, complications of the techniques, and even the risks that come with it. 

Assess The Techniques

Optimum health recovery entails different techniques for different chiropractors. With this, you could ask your chiropractor about the techniques they use that could work best for your condition. You could ask this during an interview or even during your first-ever free consultation, which most chiropractors offer! 

Know The Fees

In your free consultation, you could confirm the total amount the clinic charges you for their services. This is important for you to have a breakdown of all the payments you need to make if you have health insurance or even if you have to pay in cash.

Whatever the amount may be, be sure to ask your chiropractor in your consultation for you to have insight into the spinal manipulation service.


Chiropractic care is one sure-fire way to promote physical health. Whether this is to grant you relief from back pain or to give you mobility after an injury or accident, you are simply one adjustment or one thrust away from a healthier lifestyle.

With this guide, may you indulge in the ride and find the best chiropractor for we’ve shown you how the basics of the craft heal and uncover the body’s secrets with the power of the hand.