When someone is talking about a herniated, ruptured, etc., disc, they are all talking about a slipped disc. These can be confusing but they are all the same. A slipped disc is a condition that affects the spinal cord and in turn our movements and other things. Visiting chiropractic care is a great idea if you are experiencing pain and difficulties in your spinal cord. This will help cure it in the beginning. However, before visiting doctors, you should be aware of what it is and how you can recover from it. Mentioned below is information about this.

What is a Slipped Disc?

The spinal cord of a human being is made up of a stack of bones known as vertebrae. These bones are cushioned through a disc that is situated between them. This disc is made of a jelly-like substance in the middle and a hard outer layer. The inner substance is the nucleus and the outer layer is called the annulus. A slipped disc is a condition that is produced by the disc that has been misplaced or gets a little displaced from its original place. They can be painful if not treated on time. So getting a chiropractic treatment or other required treatments on time is important.

What are the Symptoms of Slipped Disc?

A person can have a slipped disc condition at any position of the spinal cord. They can have it in their neck or in another region of the back. It is more commonly a condition of the lower back. A slipped disc causes pain and discomfort as it influences the nerves and muscles surrounding it. You should visit a chiropractic care center if you are experiencing abnormal pains in your spine area. The various symptoms of a slipped disc are mentioned below.

  • Muscle weakness without any particular reason.
  • Pain and numbness on a particular side of the body.
  • Pain that worsens with movement and limited range of motion.
  • The pain increases while sitting or standing.
  • You are experiencing pain that has been extended to your arms and legs.
  • You feel pain even when you walk short distances.
  • The affected area is causing your burning sensation, tingling, or numbness.

What are the Causes of Slipped Discs?

The exact root cause of the slipped disc has not been identified yet. However, different chiropractic treatment centres and other medical professionals take several causes into consideration while diagnosing people with a slipped disc. Some of the causes that have been commonly found are mentioned below.

  • Lifting heavyweights.
  • Maintaining a bad posture.
  • Wear and tear muscles in the surrounding area due to growing age.
  • Obesity.
  • Weak and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Occupation requires high-straining and stressful work.

How can Slipped Discs be Diagnosed?

The first thing you will be asked for is a complete physical exam by the medical professional. This will help them look at the exact location of the issue you have been facing. Your symptoms and medical history will also be questioned by the doctors. They will also ask you different questions about the affected area, your occupation, lifestyle, etc. This is because these things will inform them about the probable causes. This will also ensure the proper diagnosis of the problem. There are several other ways through which a doctor diagnoses a slipped disc.

  • X-Rays
  • MRI Scans
  • CT Scans
  • Discograms

How to Recover from a Slipped Disc?

In many cases, a slipped disc gets better on its own. However, there are various ways through which one can recover from a slipped disc. These measures should be carefully used to ensure the best possible recovery from a slipped disc. Mentioned below are some treatments or methods that one can use to recover from a slipped disc.

Heat and Cold

Using heat and cold packs can immensely help reduce inflammation and numbness in the affected areas. They should be used immediately once a person starts feeling pain or discomfort. These packs are also helpful in relieving our body from muscle spasms and strains.

Chiropractic Care

This is a type of physical therapy where chiropractors make use of different therapies and stimulations to help adjust the affected area. This is a great treatment in ensuring the best recovery without the use of medicine. However, a chiropractor can also refer you to another doctor if he/she feels no improvement in your slipped disc.

Pain Relievers

There are various medicines that can be brought directly from chemists. These medications help reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area. However, you should be extremely careful while taking the dosage. Take only what is required.

When to Consider Surgery for a Slipped Disc?

There are many cases where there has been no improvement in one’s condition even after going through various methods. You might need a higher level of care if already a couple of months have passed. You should immediately refer to a medical professional if you are not experiencing any relief from physical therapies or other non-surgical methods. You should move forward with surgery if you think that is the best decision for you. However, you should plan the whole procedure carefully with your doctor. This will help you cover all the required information about the surgery. A doctor will also refer you for surgery if he thinks that is the best idea for you.

A slipped disc can be an extremely painful condition. They can cause you a burning sensation, numbness, and other such discomforts. This is the main reason why it should be treated on time. You should go for chiropractic treatment as soon as you start experiencing these pains. They can help provide you relief from a lot of pain and can even cure the condition. However, even after going through all physical therapies and experiencing no change, refer a doctor. He will tell you what is best for you. You have to be patient and cooperate with the professionals if you want to quickly recover.

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