Do you have someone in your care than needs more attention due to their declining health and wellbeing? When a loved one is still living at home but struggling with the effects of aging and losing their independence, hiring a home care assistant can be a good solution. Professional caregivers provide the elderly with physical assistance and help with daily routines of everyday life and emotional support.

For most families, home health care is an excellent choice because it’s an affordable and safe solution that helps the family while allowing your aging parents to stay in the comfort of their homes and communities. Here are the benefits a home health care can benefit you and your loved ones.

Home care is personalized.

Nursing homes may have some perks but working with the elderly by offering help at home is better. Home care patients receive personalized one on one care. Dedicated caregivers usually provide a sense of compassion and companionship not found in a group setting.

When your elderly parents require specific care, their needs may be overlooked in a larger living facility. Patients who receive care at home get personal assistance at their pace in a more intimate setting.

Overall personalized care offers higher quality care. Dedicated caregivers get to understand their patients personally, and they learn how to serve them best. Your parents deserve personal attention to help them thrive. They provide social interaction such as conversations over a cup of tea or watching a show on TV, which helps stave off the loneliness and depression in the elderly.

Safe transportation for seniors

At some point, your aging parents will be unable to drive safely. This blow to their independence also limits their ability to do everyday chores such as grocery shopping, visiting their friends, or even going to church. A home care assistant can provide safe transportation by taking your elderly parents to run errands, doctor’s appointments, meetings, and social events.

Preserving health and independence

As people get older, it becomes harder and harder to perform daily tasks. Being able to stay at home with someone to take care of your parents offers some sense of comfort and independence. Elderly care at home can help your loved ones maintain or have an increased level of confidence. Living in an assisted living facility of a nursing home can make someone feel helpless, defeated, and bitter.

Staying at home and getting the deserved care and attention can encourage elderly loved ones to reach out and communicate more. Home care empowers the aged to do things on their own but with stand-by assistance if needed. These feelings of independence and confidence can be beneficial for their wellbeing and mental health.

Your aging parents will also be comforted by remaining in familiar surroundings where they have spent most of their lives. Receiving care at home will help them stay there longer and on their own, forgoing placement in a long-term care facility.

The caregivers function as your lookout.

Professional caregivers help keep an eye on your loved one and detect any changes in their condition, such as sudden weight loss, refusal to eat, medication mismanagement, etc. This kind of accountability makes a significant difference in preventing health complications and preventing accidents, especially in a situation where your parents are having a challenging time with communication or remembering things.

Older parents with chronic conditions or who have recently been released from hospital need support with their diet and nutrition. Home care assistance may include counseling and home-cooked meals to protect your loved ones against malnutrition.

Professional assistants are trained to read cues that a senior’s mental or physical health has changed, and they act quickly to remedy the situation. You can also help keep the environment in your parent’s home safe by taking some precautions like:

  • Moving cabinet items lower to make functioning at home a bit easier
  • Installing shower bars
  • Remove clutter from floors to prevent accidents
  • Add slip-proof coverings to bathroom floors
  • Simplify everything in the home to make life safe and more accessible for them

Home care will give you and your family peace of mind

It’s normal to worry about your elderly parent’s safety and wellbeing. When your parents get to stay at home, the stress of a life-altering change is no longer imminent, especially if you live far away and have to work and attend to your family. You can worry less about the safety and be confident they are in capable hands.

Knowing your loved one is safe, especially when COVID-19 hit last year, and knowing that the elderly are at risk, even more, giving them specialized care at home minimizes infection risk and gives you peace of mind.

Government assistance is also available.

The government also assists caregivers of elderly parents dependent on factors such as location. Medicaid also offers some programs geared towards helping families that need financial assistance caring for their elderly parents. Some states even have waiver programs to help you manage everyday senior care costs. You can check BenefitsCheckUp to ensure your loved ones are getting every benefit they are entitled to.

You can find other financial aid assistance on different websites that offer a list of programs and benefits for which your elderly parent can qualify. They are charitable organizations, Veteran Affairs, your local church (some provide daycare services), or long-term care insurance are some of the other financial options that can help in caring for your parents.

Discuss with your financial advisor to determine if you can get assistance for your parents who need elder care.

Every situation is different but allowing loved ones to stay at home is often the best option. They will maintain most of their independence and get a more personal level of care dedicated to their safety and wellbeing.

Ensure you find high-quality elder care services that will provide your loved ones with what they need, give you peace of mind knowing there is a safe and familiar environment that allows them to thrive.