In some cases, it can be a tough decision whether or not to see a doctor for alcohol rehab. But if you have any of the following signs, it might be time to make an appointment.

  1. You’re having trouble experiencing emotional highs without alcohol – Alcohol is known for its ability to numb feelings, and when used over time it can act as a stimulant that leads people towards addiction rather than away from it. Jason Shiers Certified Psychotherapist with Wide World Coaching says “Without the feeling of being ‘high’ on alcohol, people may start turning to other drugs that give them a similar experience in order to feel better for a while – which can lead down a dangerous road with many other negative consequences attached.”
  1. You’re having trouble experiencing emotional lows without alcohol – In some cases, people are so accustomed to relying on alcohol to cope with the problems that when they try to stop drinking cold turkey, they can’t deal with their intense emotional lows without the crutch of booze. This can lead to a relapse and ultimately, addiction. For this reason, alcohol rehab centers in IL may be a good option if you need help getting sober and putting your life back together again.
  1. You’re having trouble experiencing feelings of taste or smell without alcohol – Since alcohol is a soapy substance, it is able to block out the bad taste and smell of certain food and drinks. By drinking in excess, you may be masking the effects that certain foods are having on your body – and if you start to cut back on the amount that you drink, this can lead to unpleasant symptoms – like burping.
  1. You’re having trouble sleeping without alcohol – Even after you’ve stopped drinking alcohol completely (which can take anywhere from one month to six months), you may still have trouble sleeping properly without the drug. This is because alcohol is known to give people a better night’s rest than usual. Alcohol is also known to affect a person’s sleep quality, so if you’re not getting the quality rest that you need without alcohol, it might be time to look into rehab centers in IL for help.
  1. You’re having trouble concentrating without alcohol – When people stop drinking, they often experience this initial ‘hangover’ feeling where they just feel disgusting and extremely tired. This can lead to poor performance and even feeling like you don’t want to do anything at all – which can make the idea of going out of town or staying home completely unappealing.
  1. You’re having trouble maintaining relationships without alcohol – Although it’s easy to say that the problems in your relationship may be caused by alcohol, rather than by anything else, the truth is a little bit different. If you find that you are constantly arguing with your significant other or even avoiding them completely because of the things that they do or don’t do, this can lead to huge problems down the road. Alcohol rehab centers may help you get your life back together again and make your relationships stronger than ever before.
  1. You’re getting sick without alcohol – Alcohol acts as a depressant on the body, and when you stop drinking it completely your body can go through withdrawal – which can lead to physical symptoms like nausea. And if you have no idea what’s causing nausea, you might just assume that it’s a cold or something else and go about your business. Meanwhile, the problem could be caused by alcohol withdrawal and without knowing it you may end up making it worse.
  1. You’re having trouble dealing with painful emotions without alcohol – Without being submerged in a cloud of booze, people are often forced to deal with their feelings in other ways – which can be very difficult for some people at the beginning of their recovery from alcohol addiction. Counseling is a great way to help you deal with these feelings in a productive and healthy way.
  1. You’re having problems with addiction to other substances without alcohol – In some cases, individuals may turn to drugs or other substances in order to replace the effects of alcohol when they quit drinking. For example, if a person has become addicted to opiates because of their use of painkillers while drinking, this addiction can be made worse if they stop using painkillers and have no replacement for them. This can lead to an accidental overdose and even death, which is why seeking alcohol rehab centers right away might be your best option for getting sober again without putting yourself in harm’s way.

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