Generally, you can do very little without the help of your hands. The hands are very vital body organs that have a significant influence on our daily activities. Because we are used to depending on the hands for apparently doing everything, it is tough to assume any pain you may feel in the hands and wrists and do your work. You need to seek medical intervention; at Garden State Pain Control, Jersey City hand and wrist pain treatments are administered by specialists with experience and training to provide specific patients’ needs to their acute satisfaction. To get these exclusive treatment services, call or book an appointment with us today via the online tool.

Concerns on Hand and Wrist Pain

What Is Hand and Wrist Pain?

Hand or wrist pain is excruciating discomfort resulting from injuries or straining your hands or wrists. This kind of challenge can completely deny you the peace of mind to not finishing any slightest work like driving, typing, cleaning, and a myriad of other responsibilities that entirely require the use of your hands.

At Garden State Pain Control, you will meet the best chiropractors, acupuncture practitioners, massage therapists, and physical therapists who compassionately listen to your problem and provide the required medical service depending on the kind of complication you could be experiencing.

What Causes Wrist and Hand Pain?

Other than the overuse or misuse being the common reasons for hand and wrist pains, the health care practitioner will assess any other potential causes that could include:

  • Wrist Tendonitis

Tendons are tissue bands connecting the forearm to finger bones and the hand. Flexor tendons in the palm and extensor tendons on the hand top help grasp and release objects, respectively. If any of the tendons get inflamed, it causes stiffness, dullness, aching pain, warmth, or mild swelling when moving the hand.

  • Wrist Sprain

Ligaments enable controlled motions with stabilizing positions usually tough in nature. When an injury such as falling on the hand happens, the ligaments are overstretched beyond limits—the stretch results in a bruising, burning, or tingling sensation known as paresthesia. There could also be swelling around the joint.

  • Wrist Tenosynovitis

In this case, the tendon sheath is inflamed, causing pain on the thumb side that might extend to the arm. Women in their 30s highly report this condition to their 50s due to everyday tasks such as picking up children.

  • Arthritis

Rheumatoid and gout types of arthritis often affect the wrist.

Other causes are ganglion cyst, cubital tunnel syndrome, wrist fracture, and carpal boss.


The health physicians at Garden State Pain Control aim at getting the actual cause to administer the appropriate treatment.

Self-Care Strategies

  • Use of ice – apply ice at the affected point.
  • Rest – rest and allow the pain to subside. The rest should be in a conservative state as immobilization could cause stiffness.
  • Compression – the physician might recommend the use of an electric compressor to stabilize the situation.
  • Medication – cortisone; it treats inflammation in wrists.

             –  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication.

                                     –  Surgery; some wrist issues require surgery.


Wear protective gear when in risky environments or activities, like in sports use guards or splints. Use a pole with a low-profile grip while skiing. In case you previously sustained a wrist injury, ensure full recovery before resuming normal activities.

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