For many people, visiting the doctor is something to be avoided if at all possible, with appointments only made when ill health forces them to do so. However, there is a strong argument to be made for preventative care, which can anticipate issues before they develop and help you to feel fitter, healthier and happier in your day-to-day life.

Cardiovascular screening is a big component of that branch of medicine. Because the heart and lungs are so integral to our health, it’s vital that you ensure they remain in perfect working order at all times. This includes both sicknesses and health – which regular screening of the organs in question can help with. Still unconvinced? Here are three reasons why undertaking regular cardiovascular tests can boost your life expectancy and your quality of life, all in one fell swoop.

Live longer

Did you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for more than half of all deaths across Europe? In fact, it claims 46 times more lives than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis put together. Perhaps the most tragic statistic of all is that 80% of those premature deaths are entirely avoidable… if only the deceased had been aware of the issue sooner.

Just as catching cancer in its initial stages gives a far better chance of beating the disease, so too can regular screening of the organs and arteries help to nip issues in the bud before they develop into life-threatening ailments. First and foremost, the regular cardiovascular screening will help you live longer.

Live better

If you visit a respectable practitioner – such as ALTA Clinic Germany – you can expect to benefit not just from the most advanced monitoring equipment, but the finest doctors, as well. After conducting all kinds of examinations (including electrocardiography (ECG), ultrasound, urinalysis, and pulmonary function tests), the doctor will be able to inform you exactly what shape your body is in.

This is helpful not only in identifying major issues like those mentioned above but also in outlining how and where you can make improvements to your daily routine to fine-tune your health and performance. This may include drug treatments, but more often simply encompasses your diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle choices, ensuring you have a body like a well-oiled machine for as long as possible.

Live calmer

While a trip to the doctor all too often focuses on the physical aspects of your health, the mental side can’t be discounted. If you suspect you may be suffering from a cardiac complaint – or if you’re simply not feeling 100% – doubts can begin to gnaw away at your mind and cause undue stress, anxiety, and concern.

This kind of worrying can actually manifest itself in physical symptoms, as well. In that scenario, there may have been nothing seriously wrong with you in the first place, but putting off a trip to the doctor has only exacerbated the problem by magnifying it in your mind and forcing it to surface in other facets of your physical health.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and gain the complete peace of mind that only a clean bill of health can provide by scheduling regular cardiovascular screening dates with your local clinic.