2020 was the most epic year in the history of time. It was the year when home fitness became popular as people started devising ways to stay fit while staying at home. At this time, fitness apps came really handy which allowed virtual trainers to help people stay fit and exercise through technology. Taking forward the legacy of home fitness apps, we have compiled a list of the 10 best fitness apps of 2020 that you can use to stay fit and fab.

  1. Map My Run
    As the name suggests, Map My Run is a fabulous app that can track and map all your running. But it doesn’t stop there, the app also has logging features for over 600 activities that include cycling, yoga, gym training, workout, and more. You can also sync the app with the under armour smart shoes to track your mileage. The app also comes up with several challenges that you can take part in and complete them to win exclusive wear and merchandise.
  2. Fitness Buddy
    Considered to be one of the best apps of 2020, Fitness Buddy is like an exclusive in-house trainer for you. You can use it to watch and practice workout videos at home or at the gym. Not just this, you can also get the app to chart out a customized nutrition plan for you. So it is a gym trainer plus a nutritionist in one. You can choose from the hundreds of workout videos available on the app according to your level of expertise.
  3. JEFIT Workout Planner
    JEFIT Workout Planner is more like a logbook that can help you stay focused and motivated. Especially suitable for the ones with a competitive streak, the app lets you create custom training sessions for yourself after feeding in the data. Later on, it can also break it down later for your understanding and analysis. Best considered to be used between pals, the app was also one of the most downloaded fitness apps of 2020.
  4. Glo
    Glo is a Yoga exclusive app that is loved by beginners and experts alike. The app has an extensive database of yoga instructors who offer personalized classes online for their students every day/week. You can choose your favourite instructors depending on the exercises they teach and practice and voila. What’s more? You can also get exclusively customized sessions depending on your needs (to improve sleep, stress reduction, physical strength maintenance etc.).
  5. Sworkit
    Sworkit is the classic fitness app where you can pick and choose the exercise according to your preference, You can select cardio, or yoga, or curate different monthly challenges for yourself which are a mix of a few of these. You can also set a time target for yourself. George, A fitness expert at Tazafit.com says this app promises more benefit in little effort as it promises good health and fitness without any equipment or physical trainer. Besides, the diversity of exercise can spoil you for choices and you would never get bored.
  6. My Fitness Pal
    My Fitness Pal is another amazing app that can help you stay fit and fab by keeping a check on your nutrient intake. The app is backed by an intensive and very comprehensive database across many categories like food, restaurant logger, calorie counter, glucose levels, barcode scanner, and more. You can just choose a goal- to lose weight, to gain weight, or to maintain weight, and the app is going to take care of the rest of the things for you. You can also exercise, workouts, and running on this app.
  7. 10K Runner
    10K Runner is one of the most efficient and effortless apps out there. It is especially for people who find it a tedious task to get out of their comfort zones. For all you guys, this is the app cause it can help you stay fit just by running. The app sets a 5K running goal for beginners in 8 weeks that gradually gets extended to 10K. You can use this at home on a treadmill or in a park outside. The instructions by a personalized instructor are also backed by workout music for your motivation.
  8. Headspace
    For all those who are looking for mental fitness and want a stress-free mind before proceeding to physically work out, headspace is the go-to app for all you people. The app works in a methodical way where it walks you through the ‘Basics’ of meditation before asking you to choose a package for yourself depending on your requirement- stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain, etc.
  9. The 7 Minute Workout
    If you are a busy bee or a corporate employee who cannot spare time for a regular workout then this app is just the thing you need. It can help you stay fit, healthy, and motivated in just 7 small minutes. Within those 7 minutes workout also, you have the option to choose between a basic workout, an abs workout, or an intense workout.
  10. FitOn
    Last but not the least, we have FitOn app that helps you customize workout plans according to your time constraint and intensity levels. You can choose between yoga, stretching, cardio, abs, or more. Also, a small monitor on screen captures and displays your heartbeat for you to pump up your adrenaline even more. And there is a leader boardsle in case you want to keep a track of yourself or have a small competition with friends.

Here’s the list of the best fitness apps of 2020. Hurry and try out a few or more of these and let us know your experience in the comment section below.