Going into labor and giving birth has always been risky. Even though we have all the modern medical equipment, techniques, and medical specialists that are as safe as possible, medical negligence can still occur during birth. It can cause numerous lifelong complications or even death in some cases. Seeking birth injury specialists could get you back on track if you have suffered at the hands of medical negligence financially, physically, and mentally. All costs will be covered by a professional in the case of a medical mishap. While natural complications can occur, these are the most common birth injuries caused by malpractice.

Lack Of Oxygen (Asphyxia)

Known as asphyxia at birth is the lack of oxygen given to the baby and can be deadly. This accounts for up to 23 percent of neonatal deaths. In some cases, the umbilical cord gets tied around the baby’s neck from incorrect procedures. If the obstetrician doesn’t diagnose the mother with high blood pressure if she has it, this can also cause the baby to suffocate during childbirth and can cause permanent injuries to the brain or body and become very costly with constant medical visits and treatment. The damage can also, in some cases, cause a fatality. If your child has suffered a birth injury due to a lack of oxygen, consulting with a team of birth injury lawyers can help you determine if you are eligible to file a claim.

Brachial Palsy

Brachial Palsy is when the nerve that connects the arms to the spine is torn or damaged. Symptoms include weak or paralyzed arms. Surgery can repair this condition, but this injury can easily be avoided. This condition is caused when the baby’s neck is overstretched to one side during delivery and is also a significant contribution to childbirth injuries.

Facial Paralyses

During childbirth, the baby is highly fragile, and rough or unneeded handling of the baby can cause injuries. Facial paralysis is caused by a prolonged period of pressure on the baby’s face during birth and is considered medical negligence. Although it can be repaired, the trauma and mental pain cant be fixed.


Babies’ bones are incredibly fragile and delicate and get broken or dislocated during birth. When the doctor pulls, sometimes the doctor may remove the baby’s head a bit too hard and fracture or dislocate bones, which is medical negligence and can cause severe pain for the baby and mental trauma on the parents awaiting the baby’s arrival.


Although this is an injury that is often repairable and can take up to 3 months to heal fully, the trauma caused to the baby can be painful. Cephalohematoma is caused when the forceps are used too tightly to pull the baby’s head during birth, and the pressure bursts the blood vessels and causes significant swelling. Although not deadly, this can be very traumatic and painful.

Pregnancy in any family should be exciting if a doctor’s medical negligence destroys your baby’s life, and can cause unforgettable pain and suffering as well as lifelong trauma and physical pain. Hire the best medical negligence solicitors for a claim at https://www.medicalnegligenceireland.net. Always do your best to find the best doctor for your journey of childbirth, and if injuries occur, it is best to seek professional medical help from medical lawyers.