It’s no secret, health care in the United States is expensive and difficult to deal with. The irony is prevalent. The US is the country with some of the best doctors, medical institutions, and health care providers in the world and yet getting the treatment we need can be very difficult and costly for our citizens.

While it may seem impossible to obtain the care that you need, there are plenty of options to pay for your care without insurance. Since health care insurance remains a debacle unfixed by our political leaders, we need to be resourceful. Here are some ways to finance your health care and stay healthy if you don’t have insurance.

Health Care Credit

One way to finance your credit that has become popular is health care credit. This is when you take out a credit line from a company that provides funds for health care and medicine. When you need medical or dental care but can’t afford it, applying for health care credit can provide the money you need to pay for the care and will be able to pay it back when you have the money. Be careful though, if you don’t keep up with the payments the lender might sell your debt to a credit company that charges more interest.

Traditional Credit

You can also use a traditional credit card to pay for your medical expenses, but the interest will likely be higher than a healthcare credit card. This is probably your last resort when you really need to pay for something but don’t have the money. This is likely the most expensive option when you have run out of any others. However, if you have a high credit score and low-interest rates, it may not be that bad.

Installment Loans

An internet phenomenon that you can use to pay for medical or dental care is installment loans online. While it differs depending on your region, online installment loans are small lending companies that provide funds for people who need money but want to pay the money back in small, frequent payments. With multiple payments that are quick and easy, you’ll have long-term repayment options that will help you pay the money back that you borrowed for your health care.

Personal Loans

If you have decent credit, you can also take out a personal loan to pay for health care. While the interest on personal loans varies quite a bit, there are two different types. There are fixed or variable loan rates. A fixed rate is when you pay the same rate of interest for the entire length of the loan, which is set by the lender. While this type of personal loan is fixed by the market, variable rates can be lower or higher depending on your credit score and prior financial history. Personal loans vary, but you can get the money for the health and medical care that you need.

Borrow from Loved Ones

This may seem obvious, but another way to get money for a medical procedure, medication, or other expense is to borrow money from friends or family. Borrowing from loved ones is probably the best way to pay for these expenses because you won’t owe any interest back, but it can be quite difficult to muster up the courage to ask. Furthermore, if no one has the money you will have to figure out a different way to pay for your medical bills. Still, it is a good idea to try your best to borrow from people you love instead of going straight to credit lenders.

Paying for medical expenses, surgeries, dental work, and medication isn’t easy without insurance, but it can certainly be done. There are a variety of options for financing your medical bills, it is important to exhaust them before moving on to costly options like putting the money onto a credit card. However you look at it, the health care insurance in this country needs to change. It is imperative to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. Right now it is unreasonable, with so many people trying to figure out how to pay for the care they need. Don’t give up. You can find a way.