Losing 10-15 strands of hair a day is pretty normal. Obviously, it won’t turn you bald. However, when you start to lose hair excessively, it might be a cause of concern. For instance, the very first thing you’d notice is thinning of hair. In other words, you might see thin spots on your head.

Gradually, hair thinning could lead to baldness, though. And this could be a matter of grave concern.

Thankfully, there are treatment options that you can consider to tackle this problem. Keep reading to know what these options are.

*NOTE: Know the causes of thinning hair

Before we move directly to the treatments, knowing the causes of hair thinning might help. There could be a number of factors responsible for excessive hair fall. For example, lifestyle habits, genetic history, and some medical conditions as well. While most of the factors are uncontrolled, there’s one that you can take control of to mitigate your hair fall – your lifestyle habits.

Now that you know about the causes that can create thinner spots in your head, it is time to get treatments and adopt ways to encourage new hair growth.

Hair Transplant: This will add more hair to the areas where there is excessive thinning. This treatment is very successful in comparison to the counter hair restoration products. But, before you visit the doctor, we suggest you select a licensed and certified surgeon. For example, if you’re looking for Hair Transplant in Dubai you should check with the authorities for their license. Also, do not forget to ask your doctor if you are eligible for the procedure based on your hair volume or other factors.

Scalp Massage: This is one of the cheapest ways that you can use to increase blood flow and remove dead skin cells. It helps in developing the blood vessels under the skin and produces thick hair. In fact, the studies confirm that scalp massaging makes hair thick by expanding the cells present in the hair follicles. As a result, stimulating the follicles to generate thicker hair.

Using the right products: Hair is made of organic material and protein keratin. They need nourishment to improve growth and strengthen the follicles. When you use products that have harsh chemicals, it increases the rate of hair fall. This is why it is essential to avoid all these types of products and look for options that contain vitamins and amino acids. The application of such products tackles every hair problem and builds a healthier scalp.

Biotin Supplements: Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient and is naturally found in foods such as lentils, nuts, etc. Consuming food items that contain biotin help in breaking down the enzymes and have better hair growth with such products.

Thinning of hair is a natural phenomenon. It can be very concerning initially. But, you can prevent hair loss before it begins. You simply have to take the necessary steps to remove the bald spots. For the best results, you can follow the tips that are mentioned above and see the difference over time.