Did you know that up to 20% of Americans have dental anxiety? If you work in a dentist’s office, part of your responsibility is to make sure your patients feel as comfortable as possible when they come in for an appointment. This means you need to think of every aspect of dental tech, from the hygienist’s tools to the type of water you use and everything in between.

While it’s easy to think that all water is the same, water distillers can help give your customers the best possible experience when they visit your office.

Interested to learn more? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn more about dental water distillers and why you should use them in your practice.

What Is Distilled Water?

Naturally, water contains minerals and other contaminants or impurities. We can usually drink these impurities with no issues, but sometimes you need pure, clean, high-quality water instead.

A water distiller takes normal tap water and removes all of the contaminants, quickly and easily.

Benefits of Using Distilled Water in Your Office

One of your top priorities as an office is to make sure you’ve cultivated a safe environment for all patients. Since the nature of dentistry involves bacteria in the mouth, it’s critical to keep your tools as clean as possible.

If you use regular tap water in your practice, you’ll always have to worry about those contaminants in the water, especially since you have no control over the quality of tap water in your area. By distilling the water instead, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your tools are free of bacteria once they’re cleaned.

How to Choose the Right Water Distiller

Once you’ve decided to use a water distiller in your office, you’ll need to decide which one makes the most sense for your needs. Start by thinking about whether you want a manual or automatic option. With a manual one, you’ll have to remember to fill the distiller yourself, almost like you would a coffee pot. Automatic distillers always have water available.

If you decide you want an automatic option, then you’ll need to consider how much water you need per day and how much you’ll want to store in the tank.

Generally speaking, you can expect to find distillers that generate an output of 8-12 gallons per day. If you have a small practice, you may need one with only a 4-gallon storage tank. However, there are also bigger models that can hold 25 gallons in the storage tank. It’s all about what fits your particular needs.

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Choose the Right Dental Tech for Your Office

Making sure you have the right dental tech for your practice is key to making your patients comfortable during their appointments. After reading through this guide to water distillers, you know have the information you need to make the right choice for your practice. Trust us, your patients will thank you for it!

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