The increasing rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths show the need to adhere to health guidelines as stipulated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C) and World Health Organization (W.H.O). You need to regularly wash or disinfect your hands and maintain social distance.

Most importantly, you need to wear the most effective face mask whenever you are out in public. The N95 has gained popularity for its efficiency and effectiveness in curbing the spread of the novel virus.

What is N95 Mask?

The N95 respirator is protective equipment designed to attain high protection rates against Covid-19. The mask is efficient in filtering out respiratory particles with a close facial fit that leaves no spaces. The respirator’s edges form a protective seal around the face making the mask suitable for healthcare workers and first responders. Reach out to Source Ortho to buy online N95 mask.

How Does an A N95 Mask Differ from A Surgical Mask?

Both are regulated by the Food and drug administration (F.D.A) based on their intended use. Unlike the N95, the surgical mask is loose fitting and puts you at risk of potential contaminants in the environment. The most apparent difference between the two masks is the shape and material.

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N95 Mask Precautions

  • Some of the n95 mask models come with exhalation valves that could reduce breathing difficulties. However, a mask with these valves could allow some of the 0.3 microns particles to pass through, exposing you to infections.
  • Always check with your healthcare provider on your suitability to wear the n95 mask, especially if you suffer from cardiac or respiratory conditions. This step is important as it would guide you as you plan to buy the respirator with reduced breathability mostly due to its firm material.
  • Most of the n95 masks are to be disposed of after prolonged use to keep the virus at bay. Ensure you dispose of the mask correctly in a plastic bag and thoroughly wash your hands.

Where Do I Buy Kn95 Masks?

Below are online retailers selling n95 masks.

  • Amazon- The website offers a wide range of sales, including the n95 masks. You can read reviews about the brand and mask type to make an informed decision through the website. You need to make your order and receive your masks within hours, depending on your location.
  • net- The website offers solutions in medical supplies from disinfectants to P.P.Es. The increased demand for face masks has seen the website allocate a section for these protection gear and content regarding Covid-19 protection. Through Source Ortho, you can order n95 masks and receive them promptly.
  • The Home Depot- The retailer offers different n95 brands and sizes. You can also find masks in single packages and get them delivered to your door in time. Home Depot offers 24-hour service meaning that you should be protected all the time.
  • Detmold Medical – if you’re in Australia, this shop is one of your best options in purchasing N95 particulate respirator masks. They also offer other types of masks in their online shop.

N95 masks offer high protection against the novel Covid-19. Therefore, you should reach out to the highlighted websites to choose your preferred mask type. Most importantly, understand how to handle the mask you buy or wear.