Getting sober from drugs or alcohol is a time-consuming and trying process – but one that is more than worth it in the long run. To get your life back on track and start enjoying your social life, work, and school once again, you need to find a certified recovery center with professionals who can help you identify the root cause of your problems.

When seeking help, don’t worry about the stigma or the thought of being the ‘only one’ who needs professional care – drug rates have soared in recent years in the USA, with 38% of those in America currently addicted to drugs.

To help find the light at the end of the tunnel, finding a certified, trustworthy, and reputable rehabilitation center and program are crucial to your first step of recovery.

The best recovery and rehabilitation centers in America

Bay Area Recovery Center

With multiple locations across Houston, TX, this drug and alcohol rehab center has been helping patients for nearly 20 years. Specializing in outpatient and inpatient treatment programs that focus on alcohol and drug abuse, these centers also help patients with assisted detox to promote safety and reduce symptoms.

At Bay Area Recovery Center, you can rest assured the staff is well-educated, trained, and equipped to deal with whatever is thrown at them. Professional addiction specialists at each location can help those addicted to substances safely wean themselves off of the chosen drug. Professionals also created personalized treatment programs to help give patients the tools to stay sober, reintegrate into society, and use their coping tools to deal with stressful triggers in daily life.

  • Programs: residential inpatient, outpatient programs, interventions, detox, drug detox, alcohol detox
  • Locations: Central Houston, East Houston, Dickinson Men’s FAcility, Dickinson Women’s FAcility, Pasadena

Banyan Treatment Centers

The Banyan Treatment Center focuses on behavioral therapy, sober living, and drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. This 24-hour intensive inpatient facility promotes positive social behaviors and mental health while helping the patients concurrently detox from drugs.

The patient has the choice to stay at the facility for a long-term period, like multiple months, to help them stay sober and develop coping skills to reintegrate into society. With the help of supportive and caring professionals, patients can address the real cause of their addiction.

With 54 beds at this 2-story building in Boca Raton, the idyllic scenery helps patients feel tranquil, relaxed, and ready to tackle their addiction. Banyan also has other locations, like treatment centers in Philadelphia, Wilmington MA, Baldwinville, MA, Naperville, IL, Laurel Run, PA, Pompano Beach, FL, Lake Worth, FL, Cathedral City, CA, Milford, DE, Stuart, FL, Gilman, IL, Palm Beach Shores, FL, Waelder, TX, Chicago, IL, Joliet, IL, Arlington Heights, IL, Clarendon Hills, IL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Weirton, WV.

  • Programs: alcohol, medically-monitored detoxification, intensive inpatient services, intensive outpatient services, mental health services

Journey Pure

With locations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida, this rehabilitation facility earned a very high success rate of 84% in terms of reintegrating into society and staying sober. Over 6,000 people have praised the process of detoxification and recovery at these facilities, praising the coping methods they learned to stay sober.

Residents can use an app to track their progress, record their feelings, and remain accountable after leaving the facility.

  • Programs: alcohol, drug, suboxone treatment, outpatient, family therapy, military program, aftercare, prevention meetings, accountability, personalized treatments, evidence-based therapy
  • Locations: Panama City Beach, FL, Bowling Green, KY, Murfreesboro, TN

Landmark Recovery

With multiple locations around the United States, this rehabilitation facility focuses on expert staff helping individuals prevent overdoses and remain sober. Founded in 2016, this organization uses comprehensive programs and a full clinical staff of counselors, psychologists, and healthcare professionals to help patients follow a holistic program.

  • Programs: drug, alcohol, intensive outpatient, residential treatment, intensive inpatient service, detox, dual diagnosis treatment, support groups, alumni, family therapy
  • Locations: Landmark of Carmel, Indiana, landmark of Louisville, KY, Landmark of Lexington, KY, Landmark of Indianapolis, IN, Landmark of Cleveland, OH, Landmark of Boston, MA, Landmark of Oklahoma City, OK.

Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged has treatment centers in Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Lake Worth, and Northern Virginia. All of the locations offer specialized programs for specific needs.

  • Austin – There are three locations in Austin, all of which focus on a different subset of addiction to help those in various stages of the recovery process: detoxification, treatment center, and rehabilitation.
    • The detox center uses expert doctors to help with medication-assisted treatment and safe detoxification.
    • In Austin, the treatment center is a residential rehab facility that uses medication, detoxification, customized care plans, and group therapy to help patients.
    • Lastly, the rehabilitation center in Austin is an outpatient rehab center that offers group therapy, personal counseling, aftercare plans, and suboxone therapy.
  • Fort Lauderdale – This Florida location offers a dual-diagnosis care program, music spaces, outpatient programs, partial hospitalization deals, group therapy, sober living, personalized counseling, and pet-friendly treatment.
  • Lake Worth – The Lake Worth location has luxurious amenities like recreational and swimming areas, medical detox, withdrawal management, semi-private housing, medication, full security, and inpatient behavioral rehab.
  • Nashville – At this Tennessee rehabilitation, Recovery Unplugged offers outpatient rehab, individual counseling, case management services, partial hospitalization, sober living, music spaces, and group therapy.
  • Northern Virginia – The last location of Recovery Unplugged is in Northern Virginia, offering medical detox, psychiatrists and therapists, medication, outpatient care, semi-private residences, inpatient rehab, gardens, swimming pools, and case management services.


Choosing a reputable, trustworthy, and comprehensive treatment center is crucial to getting sober – and staying sober. Patients must choose a reputable location with professionals, multiple staff, amenities for free time, inpatient and outpatient services, medically-assisted detox, and personalized treatment programs.

Those looking online for a rehabilitation program should choose between Bay Area Recovery Center for those in Texas, Recovery Unplugged for those in the southern states, Landmark Recovery for those in the midwest, Journey Pure for those in Florida, and Banyan for those who want an organization with multiple treatment centers.