STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases; you must have heard the word but have you ever taken a minute to think about it? Maybe not! It’s a very normal approach for people; they hardly think of such diseases. The reasons can be – lack of knowledge, ignorance, or thinking they will know about it without even getting tested.

As per the study, nearly 2.5 million Americans in 2019 had an infection of syphilis, chlamydia, or gonorrhea, the CDC said. And with data, it is suggested that it will be considered as another epidemic sweeping the United States.

Thus to be on the safer side, it is essential for everyone who is sexually active to get tested. That’s how people can save others, mainly the people whom they love. STD screening is something that should be a matter of concern for everyone who is sexually active.

Various people have no idea how common it is these days and how significant it is to get tested. They simply ignore it, and some have even not heard the name. Now that is complete ignorance. Do you need some reasons to get convinced, then here are some:

Even Virgins Can Have STDs

Even if you and your partner recently have not indulged in any sort of intercourse, still he/she can get STD. How? Through skin-skin contact. So even if you are a virgin, you can get it transmitted through a bit of intimacy. Therefore, to save your partner from STD, it becomes a kind of mandatory to get tested. You should also educate yourself so you can know the difference between STD and STI, their symptoms, and how to test yourself.

It’s Never Too Late For Safe Play

Numerous people don’t care to get tested when they already have unprotected intimacy with their partner in a stable relationship. They assume that it would have been infected earlier, but now there is no chance of it. Well, that is not the case with STD; as we have mentioned earlier, people even don’t know that they have it and unknowingly transmit it. So maybe you don’t have it, but your partner is suffering from it.

So why worry when you can prevent it. Get tested and opt for protected intimacy even with your stable relationship partner or your husband/wife.

Worrying Is Scarier Than Knowing

Being unaware about it but keeping on worrying is scarier. There is no question that getting diagnosed with an STD is a severe issue. But keep on pondering that you might have it more dangerous for your mental health as well as physical health.

Many people stay away from the STD test, but plenty of others get relief when they know what is wrong with their bodies. Because when they know about it, at least they can take actions to treat it. Yes! You can treat it; there are many STDs that are easier to treat when detected at an early stage. That’s the reason why people opt for Same day STD Testing to get the result earlier so that the treatment can be started at an early stage.


Yes, there are plenty of risks that are associated with STD if you don’t get it treated at the right time. Nobody wants to spread it; thus, getting it tested and treated is the only way out. Know the risks:

Infecting Others

Clearly, getting STD not treated enhances the risk of passing the infection to others. Yes, it is a fact that protected intimacy can reduce the risk but not completely. Still, the transmission of STD will stay significant.

Even if an STD is hard to cure, if it is detected at an early stage, still with the necessary treatment, you can reduce the infectivity. Consult your doctor, know the stage you are at, and then ask for proper treatment to save yourself and your partner.

Becoming Infertile

If you don’t opt for STD testing and leave it untreated, then curable STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia will cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women and infertility in both genders. And syphilis complications may lead to the obstruction of the epididymis, enhancing the risk of infertility in men.

It is essential to get tested to protect the pregnancy if you are planning a family. Even as per the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), screening of gonorrhea and chlamydia in all sexually active women aging 24 or younger should be done. Even older women have a risk of infection. So getting tested for STD is beneficial for every individual, be it men or women. There is no difference between infections, and a hope to cure it becomes easier if you get tested on time.

Endangering a Pregnancy

Yes! You read it right STD is dangerous for people who have active intimacy and even for pregnant women. Testing STD is not limited; even they need to get tested because it is not only risky for the pregnancy but will even cause harm to the unborn baby. Not only the viability of the pregnancy gets infected, but it also can get transmitted to the baby after birth or during birth.

Women who are pregnant and have untreated chlamydia can have a higher risk of premature birth, miscarriage, or stillbirth. During the normal delivery, process Gonorrhea can get passed to the baby from the mother. This may cause a severe infection of the eye. That’s the reason why testing STD is so essential; at least you can reduce the harm that can be done to your baby.

Final Thoughts

People do take STD as not so severe disease, and some think that it is hard to get transmitted. But that is not the case; every STD patient is suffering from pain and regrets the idea of not getting it tested at an early stage. So make sure you don’t have to face any such problem and get tested on time as this will give you the option of getting it cured. Many research has shown that early detection of many STDs can get treated. Remember that it is not about you, but it is about the people you love; take care of them by getting tested.