Having a doctor wherever you are would be the most reassuring kind of life. Unfortunately, it is impossible to drag a doctor along. Medical apps are the closest you can get to such an experience. Technology companies have provided hundreds of thousands of apps and more are being released into the market every day. If you are in college, do not struggle with your assignments.

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While there are numerous medical apps you can download onto your phone, experts advise people to be more cautious. Health is a sensitive issue with no room to take chances. You require an app with the highest accuracy rating, rest you end up with a quack or misguiding information. Before looking at the health apps you can download, it is worth reviewing the parameters that make an app reliable for healthcare usage.

  • Accurate information- most app users are looking for instant information from the apps. Which institution is behind the development of the app? Credible hospitals, learning institutions, and health institutions take the lead in the development of the best apps. They have a high level of accountability, thus assuring you of quality content.
  • User experience- how easy is it to log in or create an account? Is the information on the app easy to find? An easy-to-use app delivers the best experience, assuring you of quality information every time you need it.
  • Accessibility- medical apps are designed to offer information on health issues. Beyond signing in and navigating inside the app, information must be easy to reach, read, and understand. For instance, the information should include images, videos, step-by-step guides, and such actionable details. In this way, you will have an easy time using the app for your health and medical issues.
  • Easy access to professionals- professionals insist that 75% of ER, doctor, and urgent care issues can be cleared over the phone. If an app provides easy access to these professionals, you will avoid 75% of visits to the doctor.
  • Community- it is reassuring to hear the stories of other people struggling with a similar condition and how they have overcome the prevailing challenges. You will get tips on how to handle your health challenges as you share your experience. Such a community makes it easier to take the journey of healing.

Numerous apps are handling specific and general medical issues. Check reviews or ask for referrals before downloading an app to ascertain that it meets the highest standards required of medical apps.

Here are some of the top medical apps that will give you better control over your health.


The app is designed for health professionals and medical students. It has the backing of the World Health Organization as a focal point for the latest research on medical issues. If you are looking for the most recent innovation or medical finding, this is where to go.

UpToDate is easy to use with categories for different types of information. For instance, if you need information on pharmacology or neurosurgery, there is a category for each. It is also light and combines text with images and videos. If you want your paper to appear to capture the latest invention and innovation, this is the app to install.

Dynamed Plus

It provides dynamic solutions to clinicians, especially in common medical cases. It is evidence-based as opposed to the use of theories to develop solutions. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Information on Dynamed Plus is clustered for easier access. It also comes with a search button from where you can make specific enquiries to solve your medical issues. Dynamed Plus has a user-friendly interface and the most exhaustive articles on different topics.

Isabel Pro

Isabel Pro is designed for patients looking for a shortcut to quick diagnosis. The app has extremely actionable insights that make you feel as though you have been to the doctor. It takes you through step-by-step diagnosis, providing a clear understanding of your condition.

The information provided on the app is detailed and easy to understand. It quotes some of the most trusted doctors and medical professionals. The app also captures data from reputable health institutions, giving you confidence that you will get the most accurate diagnosis.


Mediscape pulls the latest information from the internet, placing it on the face of medical practitioners and students. In so doing, you will have details on the latest inventions and findings in the health sector. Information on the app is also classified for easier access. Students looking for reliable references have access to articles, journals, and publications from more than 8,000 global institutions. Immediately a medical finding is released, you will find it on the app.

Mediscape has gone a step further to capture medical information from unconventional sources. This includes herbal remedies and community health solutions. If you are looking for therapy options, this is the app to download. It provides a holistic approach to health issues.


Healing and proper treatment require a precise prescription. An under-dose could mean that the patient will not healthy and may even develop drug resistance. On the other hand, an overdose results in poisoning. With MDCalc, you guarantee precision and accurate diagnosis. You can identify more than 150 common diseases and their treatment without visiting a doctor.

Medical apps come in all varieties with the promise of helping you to maintain better health. Pick an app that provides credible information to avoid compromising your health. The apps should be easy to use, and especially offer the latest details on a disease or medical condition.