Breastfeeding Issues Can Sometimes Become Serious

Breastfeeding seems like something that shouldn’t come with a number of issues you didn’t expect. For some mothers, it seems to be as simple as breathing. For others, surprising problems can develop. For the most part, breastfeeding issues are relatively minor and are resolved quickly as nipples become stronger, or the child is weaned in a timely manner.

However, there are situations where breastfeeding problems can become something you need to get taken care of before they get serious. Following we’ll explore a few different breastfeeding issues that are at different levels of seriousness, as well as things you can do to overcome them.

  1. Sore Nipples

There are instances where infants are born with one or more teeth. Sometimes when the baby latches, the angle at which they latch ends up being painful. Nipples can become very sore, and it can make it hard for you to feed your child. Breastfeeding has benefits for the infant, and even for you; so you definitely want to overcome this issue if it’s impacting feeding.

Sometimes lotions can help soothe. It may be smart to alternate as well. Some mothers will alternate day to day, others will alternate between feedings. Some mothers will primarily use one breast until it becomes sore enough they decide to switch. However you do it, know that if you keep at it, the feeling of soreness should subside.

It may be worthwhile to consult your doctor about solutions that will be healthy for you and the baby. There are also online resources that can help inform the way in which you treat the issue. Salves and alternation seem to be primary solutions, but in some cases—like when an infant is born with teeth—you may need to pump your milk and feed the newborn that way.

  1. Fatigue

Hundreds of calories are extracted from you daily when breastfeeding. Often, you’ll have multiple feedings in a day. As the calories are extracted, your body will naturally replace them. It’s common to be fatigued after each feeding and provided you properly nourish yourself, this isn’t a terribly dangerous issue; but if you let it go too long, there can be a danger.

While the immune systems of mother and child tend to experience an enhancing effect throughout pregnancy and after birth, even this increased effectiveness requires fuel. Mothers who can’t get enough food to nourish their newborns will ultimately put both at risk. The fatigue is physical, not just mental. Get the right foods in the right amounts.

  1. Mastitis

Often during breastfeeding, pores get clogged for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these blockages clear up on their own, sometimes they don’t. Clogged ducts in the breast make it hard or impossible to feed. If you’re experiencing serious symptoms from a perpetually clogged duct, it could be mastitis.

Mastitis can be mild. It can be something that is easily treatable at home. However, instances of mastitis can also result in bacterial infections. There can be milk supply reduction and even abscesses. Mastitis is something that may well require medical help to overcome.

Antibiotics may or may not be something you can do safely, and other issues might develop. Clogged ducts are worth seeking help with. This condition can be prevented or treated at home when caught early enough.

Being Prepared

Fatigue, soreness, and even mastitis are common breastfeeding issues it would be good to think about before your new child is delivered. If you’re already feeding, and things are going well, it’s still worthwhile to have some strategies in play should issues like these develop.