If you have lost multiple teeth due to any reason, like decay or injury, it is not suitable for all these teeth to get individual implant procedures. In this situation, all on 4 dental implant methods are used in which an entire arch of teeth is placed using four implants.

Different methods and technologies are used to provide a secure connection for the replaced teeth in this procedure. This dental implant procedure is highly stable and reliable than traditional dentures. All-on-4 dental implants are also referred to as implant-supported dentures covering one of the effective teeth replacement treatments.

Why All on 4 Dental Implants?

Compared to traditional dentures, the change provided by all on 4 treatments is nothing less than a significant transformation in cosmetic dentistry. This procedure offers various benefits that encourage more and more people to choose it. 

  • It is a permanent solution

Having all-on-4 implants means you need not worry about removing your dentures and require cleaning every day. You can take care of your implants just like you do with your natural teeth.

  • It offers comfort and confidence

All on 4 dental implants procedures provide excellent comfort as they are designed and created as per your mouth. They are pretty different from dentures, where you have to worry about slipping and moving the dentures when you eat something or speak.

It means when you have implants, there is no need to rush to the bathroom to adjust them, just because you have eaten something that may be a little hard to eat.

  • It makes better bones

When you undergo dentures procedures, you may experience bone loss, but it does not happen in the implant procedure. Here, the jawbone is stimulated in a way that helps in increasing its strength, as it occurs in the natural teeth. Also, implants do not require bone grafting in most cases.

  • It enables mouth functions optimally

When you undergo all on 4 dental implants, both implants and bridges create a framework that enables you to eat and speak properly without any disturbance posed by gaps.

  • It looks marvellous

After implant treatment, no one will ever be able to notice that you have undergone any kind of dental treatment. The replacement teeth will be matched perfectly to the shade of your natural teeth. Even you will not be able to make the difference between your replaced and existing teeth.

Aftercare tips

Many people mistakenly believe that implants do not require regular care as other dental treatments. Follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your implants.

  • One of the essential tips is to maintain proper oral hygiene and use a soft bristle toothbrush. You can also use a dental water jet to flush out food that may have trapped around your implants.
  • You must take a rest after your implants are placed; else, you may experience a longer recovery time.
  • You must follow aftercare instructions given by the dentist to prevent experiencing any discomfort.
  • You should avoid hard and chewy foods to protect your new implants.
  • You also need to stay well hydrated during the recovery time to ensure quick healing.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that all on 4 dental implants are worth investment and enjoy their benefits for a lifetime. To maintain your implants, ensure to follow the aftercare tips mentioned above. Once you’re ready to get yours, you can reach out to dental implants las vegas to get started.