Healthcare systems have gone through a massive revolution over time and DIGITALIZATION is amidst these factors. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the facade of healthcare.

Not only has it had completely changed consumer’s perspective towards healthcare facilities but also forcing providers to upgrade their services. For any healthcare system, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality are the key features.

Telemedicine- What the Hype is about?

During this recent time, telehealth and telemedicine have become the talk of the town. Knowingly or unknowingly we are becoming habitual of this revolution. We are witnessing this transition from conventional methods to digital ones.

Just compare the older times and see how things have changed for us. We have gone through visiting hospitals early, standing in a queue, and waiting for your turn to see a doctor. Now, you take your phone out, book an appointment, get a consultation, and got a prescription.

All this is just a click away from the best and affordable healthcare facilities. That’s exactly where TELEMEDICINE plays its role.

Let’s begin further with the introduction of telemedicine!

Introduction to Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the involvement of technology in providing healthcare facilities. Telemedicine was initially referred to as DISTANT HEALING.

Replacing old-wives tales that talked about home remedies to calling your nutritionist and getting recommendations on iron-rich foods because you are anaemic, we have already come a long way.

No matter in which healthcare speciality you are looking for treatment, telemedicine will be offering solutions.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Here is how the involvement of technology is changing the provision of healthcare.

  • Due to telemedicine, patients can access healthcare facilities according to their convenience.
  • Telemedicine is cost-effective and you don’t need to spend on transportation.
  • It saves your time.
  • Another benefit of telemedicine is that you can customize it according to your requirements.
  • You can access the relevant specialist irrelevant of your geographical boundaries and can

Challenges in Telemedicine

Telemedicine sounds exciting and it’s! Unfortunately, there is a certain limitation to it.

Despite all the benefits offered by telemedicine, these barriers make it difficult to get the maximum out of it. Some of the common challenges in telemedicine include;

1- Money reimbursement due to limited coverage of telemedicine

2- Lack of awareness among masses

3- Concerns regarding data security and patient’s privacy

4- Insufficient data

5- Minimal integration

6- Expensive solution

7- Difficulty in adopting due to involvement of advanced technology

Common Mistakes by Providers in Telemedicine

While combating these challenges to make telemedicine a widely accepted approach for people, telemedicine providers tend to make certain mistakes. Knowingly or unknowingly, these mistakes add to the trouble and worsen the situation. Here are the common mistakes made by telemedicine providers in telemedicine.

1- Choosing a Wrong Telemedicine Plan

When it comes to the choice of telemedicine plan, there are many options. The choice of a telemedicine program is crucial for the success of the program. Here providers end up making a non-compensable mistake as they choose the wrong telemedicine program. Providers should stay mindful that telemedicine isn’t suitable for all types of healthcare setups. Thus, it is important to consider your own setup before

2- Substandard Medical Services

While talking about the accuracy of healthcare services, there is no chance for a mistake. You can’t afford a mistake as any little of this mistake can cost lives. That’s one of the biggest mistakes from providers’ end because they don’t remain vigilant in virtual practice. Unlike the conventional healthcare approach, this negligence from the provider’s end can be quite problematic making it difficult for patients to survive.

3- Risk of Medical Malpractice

Another common mistake provider makes in providing telemedicine is the chances of error in disease diagnosis and treatment. Due to virtual treatment, there is an increased chance of misdiagnosis due to many reasons. Patients can find it difficult to choose the right physician for themselves. This insufficiency could lead to either misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis after being ended up with the wrong physician.

4- Skipping “Friends and Family” Testing

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s exactly what’s stated. This preliminary testing is an essential part of any telemedicine approach. This is another biggest mistake from the provider’s side that resists the smooth flow of telemedicine practice. Before you begin or launch your telemedicine program, it is advisable that you ask a group of friends and family members to register and use it.

Just like your actual patients, these friends and family members can act as pseudopatients and avail themselves of the services as you expect your customers to do in the future. This practice can help you to figure out the mistakes in your telemedicine program and any other potential mistake that wasn’t noted before. If a provider is intentionally skipping this testing then this can be detrimental to your overall telemedicine program’s success.

5- Failed Marketing of Telemedicine Program

You are a telemedicine provider, you made up your mind on launching it, did research, streamlined how it works, trained the staff now what next? You are just beginning to launch your program but wait, have you marketed it?

Don’t be surprised. The success of your telemedicine program greatly depends upon this critically important step. Just like companies market their products before launching, your telemedicine program needs marketing too. If you fail to do this, this can be surely one of your biggest mistakes in telemedicine.

Bottom Line!

Telemedicine is a promising approach and an important element of telehealth. You can choose a telemedicine program that is able to cater to your customer’s requirements in the best possible manner. While planning your telemedicine strategy be mindful of these mistakes and remember telemedicine is only successful f it’s done correctly.

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