Concussions consist of a temporary injury sustained to the brain. Many people experience the effects of a concussion daily, either brought about by an injury or a blow. The injury may affect brain functioning and can be characterized by severe headaches. It is always wise to visit a concussion specialist to know the severity of the problem. If you experience a concussion in San Diego, visit MindSet to be checked and get treatment.

Below are five types of concussions that you should know about.

Cognitive Concussion

This concussion is characterized by fatigue arising from the injury. Patients experiencing this problem find it difficult to process mental tasks. You may experience increased fatigue as a result of the injury. Some of the symptoms you should look out for are increased distractibility, retention of information, decreased concentration, and multitasking. This type of concussion may also cause a delay in reaction time.

A concussion specialist uses neuropsychological assessment to administer treatment. A follow-up is also required to monitor the progress.


Cervical concussion causes stress around the neck area and the spinal cord. It may cause severe headaches for a prolonged period. This condition may be influenced by a whiplash injury sustained either from a car accident or a sports accident. Neck and sprain injuries require a specialist.

Patients experiencing cervical concussions should visit a concussion therapist to undergo a neck examination to establish the underlying issue.


The majority of ocular conditions affect the visual system and cause the eyes not to synchronize. The symptoms include eye strain, blurred vision, eye pressure, light sensitivity, and difficulty reading and estimating distance. The concussion affects the eye movements and focusing ability. Some of the tasks you might find difficult include looking at the cell phone or computer.

The treatment includes vision training with the assistance of an optometrist. The dynamic training will assist the patient in gaining full control of the visual ability.


Most concussions affect varying functions of the body. However, this particular one impairs more than one function. Vestibular concussion affects one’s interpretation of motion and coordination of the eye and head in terms of movements. The symptoms include fogginess, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, and disequilibrium. Postural equilibrium is very important, so in case of this kind of concussion, seek medical treatment immediately.

Treatment options include balance training with a specialist to regain control. The physical therapist will engage you in more than one session of training to enhance full functionality.

Mood or Anxiety Concussion

Many people suffer from this type of concussion unknowingly. The symptoms can include being emotional, constant sadness, easily being irritated, hopelessness, and fatigue. This concussion is fueled by stressful and anxious situations experienced by an individual.

In case experiencing either anxiety or mood concussion, you should seek counseling or cognitive therapy treatment.

Consult a Concussion Specialist Today

An estimated 25% of the people that suffer a concussion do not visit a specialist to be checked. Deciding not to visit a concussion specialist can be dangerous as one cannot estimate the severity of the injuries. Some concussions can be fatal and require intervention from a concussion specialist.

 Specialists at MindSet in San Diego offer various treatment options that will aid you with any concussion. Contact them today and book an appointment to discuss your treatment options.