Helping patients who are on the road all the time can be a challenge, especially if a given patient is dealing with a chronic disease or some other condition that requires constant monitoring. And while it is not common for people to travel to areas of the world where access to healthcare isn’t an option, patients who are abroad are more likely to hesitate to seek medical attention if something is wrong. 

After all, going to a hospital in a strange country is not a walk in the park, especially if the patient in question doesn’t speak the local language. And whether a person is traveling for business or on a family vacation, there’s always the added pressure of not wanting to cause a scene to deal with a symptom that may turn out to be nothing.

Here’s where telemedicine can be a big help, allowing patients to get in touch with healthcare workers from their country of origin, all from the comfort of their hotel rooms. Let’s go over some of the advantages that telemedicine can provide for constant travelers.

1 – Convenience

All the conveniences of telemedicine are made even more valuable abroad. Being able to talk to a doctor without leaving the hotel room means not having to find a local clinic or set an appointment, which can be tricky if English isn’t widely spoken in the country the patient is visiting.

If the patient is a constant traveler, telemedicine allows them to get checkups with their usual doctor without having to wait until they are back to their country of origin. This makes it much easier for these patients to get checkups at regular intervals, without having to worry about scheduling appointments around their flight schedule or trying to find a doctor in the country they are in.

2 – Reliability

Frequent travelers are experts at sorting out the logistics they’ll need at their destination before leaving. For example, before leaving on a trip to Dubai, a seasoned traveler will look up the best hotels, restaurants, and the best gyms in Dubai. As well as learning which is the best way to get around the city.

However, trying to figure out who the best doctors in Dubai are before leaving can be tricky. Choosing a doctor isn’t as easy as choosing a restaurant; you can’t just read reviews and hope for the best, and many patients feel more comfortable dealing with doctors with who they are familiar. Telemedicine gives these patients access to a familiar face no matter where they are in the world.

3 – Efficiency

Telemedicine saves time; that’s one of its main selling points. And it saves even more time abroad, since finding the right doctor can be difficult, and the language barrier can make consultations more complex than usual. Not to mention the effort and cost involved in navigating a foreign country looking for a doctor’s office.

Thanks to these and other factors, telemedicine can help patients save even more time abroad than it does domestically. Combine that with the fact that any time dealing with medical issues is time not dedicated to the main purpose of the trip, and this makes telemedicine much more efficient for travelers than any of the alternatives.

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