Scholarships encourage college students to apply to dental school. The programs may go a long way in helping to cover the hefty expenses of a college education and place you solidly on the road to a rewarding dental career. Without further ado, let’s discuss three pieces of advice and ways college students can more conveniently get into dental school:

State and Federal Government Scholarship Resources for Students

Dental professionals are an important element of the medical system. The advantages of dental health now have been recognized as critical to an individual’s general well-being. Dentists, and associated experts, are always in demand, and state and federal governments offer plenty of scholarship incentives for college students curious about the profession. Some instances of crucial government scholarship programs benefitting dentistry students involve:

  • The United States Armed forces provide opportunities for dental school scholarships for those pursuing a career in every healthcare area. The United States Air Force, the United States Navy, and the United States Army all offer scholarship plans for college students pursuing a dental degree. They’re scholarships for service plans, and recipients must enroll in a military branch for an agreed duration of time to be eligible for financial aid. Dental school scholarships cover full and partial tuition awards.
  • NHSC scholarship is open to college students pursuing a degree in all the health fields of primary care, which includes Pediatric and General Dentistry. Qualified dental school scholarship candidates get full tuition compensation, in addition to money for supplies and books. In return, students have to commit to a service term with a designated healthcare center within an under-served neighborhood. The National Health Service Corps Scholarship requires that recipients take up their predetermined service within nine months of graduating.

Dental School Scholarships for Women and Minorities

Dentistry, similar to many medical fields, has long been under-populated by women and minorities alike. To recognize that long-standing iniquity, several scholarship plans have been designed to support and encourage minority students interested in a dental career. Sources for those much-needed dental school scholarships include the United States Government, minority support organizations, and professional associations.

  • The ADA sponsors a yearly scholarship for minority students. The plan is open to Latino-Americans, African-Americans, and additional ethnic minorities. The average amount of award is at $2000, with 15 – 25 scholarships being awarded on an annual basis.
  • The NDA sponsors the Doctor Bessie Elizabeth Delaney Award. The scholarship is open to women going for a postgraduate degree. Awards may be as high as $10,000/ recipient.

Private Resources for Students

Professional dentistry associations, in addition to independent corporations, frequently provide scholarships for college students striving for a dental career. Some examples of private sector scholarships for dental students include these:

  • American Dental Education Association supports a massive quantity of loan repayment programs, grants, and scholarships for students. Awards are from $1000 – $15,000 depending upon the study program.
  • American Dental Association Foundation offers to fund for numerous kinds of dental students, which includes dental assistant technicians, dental hygienists, and Doctors of Dental Medicine. Applicants have to show the required degree of financial need to be qualified.

For college students striving for a dental career, the options for financial aid are lucrative and numerous. As a profession, dentistry is always in demand, and college students may make this demanding work for them in the form of a much-needed college scholarship.