It doesn’t matter if you’re a whiz at biochem or just addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, something has influenced you to decide to pursue a career in the medical field. You want to make a difference however possible. Also, if you want to make a good amount of money and have noticed that people in the medical field tend to do so. The field can be rewarding in many ways.

Here’s a quick look at some tips that can help you choose exactly what you want to do.

Select an Adventure

No matter what your motivation is, dig a bit deeper and find out what it entails. For example, if you want to enroll in a Clinical Psychology program, you’ll need to orient yourself for that program. 

Figure out if you’re more of a lab rat or a people person. Would you rather be assisting a surgeon or aide the sick? Determine your tastes and skills and then determine which field might be your best option. Then decide if you’re willing and able to get the education you need for that position.


It doesn’t matter which path you choose, you’re more than likely going to need more than your typical 4 years of college. Whatever the case, you need to study hard, do amazing research papers, and keep yourself focused on your goals. Remember that you’ve done all of this preparation and you need to have confidence in what you’ve chosen. 


Would you rather work in a clinic or a hospital? An emergency department or a doctor’s office? Would you like to be helping children, expecting mothers, or the elderly? Maybe test tubes and beakers are more familiar to you than people. Decide what your perfect work environment would be and then specialize in that area.


Within that work environment you chose, what is the perfect role for you? Would you like to be a patient advocate or have administrative duties? Do you want to be an assistant? A team member? Or a leader? 

Think about what would be the most appropriate for your talents, skills, and knowledge, as well as the level of education that you plan on achieving, as well as your temperament. You don’t want to attempt a position as a trauma surgeon if you’ve got a weak stomach, and you probably don’t want to be behind a desk if you’re easily bored.

Obtain Skills

Once you’ve thought about it and chosen a field, a preferred work environment, and a role, you need to ensure that you have a fantastic grasp on the various skills and the expertise that are required. If you find that you just don’t have them, or that you have to pursue additional degrees or certifications, get a move on and start as soon as possible. Remember that you’ll never have a chance at the ideal jobs you’ve chosen if you don’t work hard and achieve your goals.

All through our lives, we’ll have goals. From the time we’re born, we’ve had them. For instance, to crawl or walk, to say that first word, etc. Now that you’re setting goals for yourself rather than letting your parents set them for you, make sure that they’re attainable. If you know that you just can’t handle being in school for a minimum of 8 more years, don’t have a goal to be a doctor. 

There are a lot of other roles in the medical field to pursue. Choose one that’s realistic and get busy working on achieving that goal