Since the coronavirus swept around the globe in early 2020, the world has completely changed. The way most of us work, study, socialize, etc. is not the same as it once was. The outbreak of the deadly virus has proved devastating for many businesses, especially those who rely on tourism, retail, or selling food. However, other businesses have flourished during these unprecedented times. One industry that might surprise you is the cosmetic surgery industry

Although some areas are still on lockdown, and cosmetic surgeries are still unable to open, in most of Europe and America at the moment, it’s business as usual. Most surgeons are unable to keep up with the demand.

According to a leading Plastic surgeon Singapore, the number of people opting for procedures has gone up during the pandemic. One reason is that since people are in their homes, working remotely, they feel that this is the best time to ensure that the recovery for the same does not require them to take leaves. With social gatherings being prescribed to being limited, many feel that they will not be missing out on a lot and will be in a position to surprise their near and dear ones once the lockdowns are over.

Why are so many people hoping to get Cosmetic Surgery During the Pandemic?

During these strange times, people do some strange things. But cosmetic surgery isn’t as strange as it once was. Surgeons have come a long way over the past few decades, and due to advances in technology and science, very few surgeons make mistakes. Cosmetic surgery is accepted in most cultures these days, and it is common for the average person to “go under the knife” to help enhance their physical appearance. But why are so many people queuing up to get cosmetic surgery during the coronavirus?:

  • You can wear a mask to hide the bruising: Some people like to hide the fact that they have had work done. With experts advising us to wear protective masks at all times, it’s a perfect opportunity for people who have had work done to their nose or other parts of their face to hide the fact that they have undergone surgery. 
  • Online meetings: Since the pandemic began, there are more folks working from home than ever before. A lot of workers have to spend a lot of their time in online meetings. This often leads to people staring at a video of themself for hours each day. Most cameras built into phones and computers use a fisheye lens, which tends to exaggerate certain features, so it is not surprising so many people want to change certain things about the way they look. 
  • Recovery: To make sure the operation is a success, the recovery process is very important. Getting time off work was not an option for many people in the past, nor was working from home. However, because a lot of employees work from home now, they can continue working while recovering from surgery without having to take any days off. 

Contact the Surgeon First

Most cosmetic surgeons during the pandemic ask potential customers to make contact with them before meeting them in person. So, if you are going for cosmetic procedures in London, make sure you send an email or call the company first. Before the pandemic, most customers would organize a meeting in person with the staff or the surgeon to discuss their options, however, these meetings are almost all done online at the moment to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

Most of us have access to technology, so a lot of surgeons recommend that people send them images of what they want to be changed, and how they want to look after the changes are made. If you want to get work done on your face, taking selfies and forwarding them to a surgeon can help them understand what needs to be done. Expect the surgeon to ask you personal questions before they agree to work with you. Most surgeons have policies in place to make sure their customers are of sound mind before going under the knife. 

What can you Expect During the Pandemic?

Most surgeons take their patient’s and their staff’s health very seriously, so you can expect to have to obey the Covid-19 rules and regulations that are in place. Here are a few things you should expect:

  • Wear a mask at all times when inside the building. Not just in the rooms where the surgery takes place, but in the reception area and any of the offices too. 
  • Social distancing: You can expect the chairs in the waiting room and in the reception to be kept apart to encourage patients to practice social distancing. 
  • Vaccination: Some surgeons only take on customers that are fully vaccinated against the virus. You might have to prove that you have received both shots before they perform surgery. If this is the case, make sure you don’t forget your documentation that shows that you are fully vaccinated. 

If you plan on bringing someone to keep you company during the procedure, ask the staff members if you are allowed or not. Most surgeons only allow patients into their surgeries during the pandemic, so don’t be surprised if your friend or family member is not welcome. Surgeries aim to keep the number of people at a minimum to help lower the risk of contracting Covid-19.