Losing hair is a natural process; per day you lose 100 to 150 hairs. If your shower drain is clogged with a bunch of hair every day and you suffer from hairs that are becoming thinner, you can get healthier and stronger hair with a growth treatment such as mesotherapy. Hair growth is stimulated from the root, which slows down baldness and makes your hairs look fuller again, with this case alopecia can help more to regrow your hairs.

The 3 most common reasons for balding are a disturbed hormone balance, poor blood circulation in the scalp, or a lack of nutrients. Fortunately, there are growth treatments for men and women with no nasty side effects. Balding is a lifelong process in men. It’s a known problem: your hair becomes dull and the crown, temples, and coves become thinner and you get a receding hairline. This process does not repair itself, but with treatments you can restore and make the root active again, allowing it to grow again. For example, you can stimulate your natural growth by means of the special growth treatment ‘meso hair’, or mesotherapy for the scalp. So it can be done without medical treatment, so without having to go under the knife. 

It’s a known problem: your hair becomes dull and the hairs at the crown, temples, and coves become thinner and you get a receding hairline. Please visit www.topapotheke24.de to know more about hair loss treatment.

Hair loss in women and men:

Women are particularly affected during menopause, and in men, it is often predisposed: around one in three Germans suffers from Balding – and women even more often than men. For most of those affected, the lightning head quickly becomes a psychological problem. But if you regularly discover a few hairs on the floor or on your clothes after combing, you don’t have to worry too much.

What are the causes of hair loss?

  1. In many cases, minor grooming sins are responsible for temporary balding. These include, above all, the coloring of gray hairs and perms. The scalp hairs are excessively strained and brittle at the base. Appropriate care products with extra moisture help here.
  2. Another factor is an overloaded immune system: Those who recently caught a cold sometimes have to struggle with balding as a long-term consequence. The reason for this is roots damaged by the infection. Fortunately, these usually recover within three months.
  3. One of the most common causes is an unbalanced diet. Because if we take in too few nutrients, not only our bodies suffer, but also our hair.
  4. Another criterion for thinning and thinning hairs is hormonal changes during menopause and genetic predisposition. In middle-aged women, the hormone system is more sensitive than usual. In stressful situations, more male hormones, so-called androgens, are released – this can lead to balding.

Hair loss solutions:

You have different boosters against this loss. You can combine them, or use a different solution for each treatment. The boosters consist of a rich cocktail of vitamins, growth factors, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. Different forms of baldness and  balding are treated very effectively with the balding solutions

You draw up a personal treatment plan and discuss all options for your situation. Home care is also important to us for optimal results. For this, I recommend a special shampoo and lotion to support the treatment at home and to prevent it.

Hair loss – treatment and diagnosis:

Hereditary balding, diffuse balding, circular balding: Since the form of therapy differs depending on the type of balding, it should first be determined what type of balding you are. In addition, other diseases should first be ruled out.

So, if you experience excessive balding, it is best to see a doctor first. A dermatologist is a right contact here. He can use various diagnostic methods (e.g. Trichoscan, Trichogramma, dermatoscopy) to determine which type of balding you have and which forms of therapy are suitable for you

What can you expect from mesotherapy for the hair?

In mesotherapy for the growth, very small 1 mm pricks are made in your scalp with a special mesogen to administer a cocktail of active substances under the epidermis: about 120 times per minute! 

The scientific facts at a glance:

When your hair falls out, however, the roots do not disappear. Because the roots are still intact, the stem cells from the roots can be treated and made active again, even in places where there were previously no or very few hairs. With mesotherapy for the hair, the building materials are applied around the follicles. It stimulates collagen synthesis and ensures (re)growth of the hairs and slows down the deterioration. The injections also promote circulation. This means that oxygen is supplied better and that harmful waste product are removed better. In the beginning, you will have to start with a build-up course of about 6 treatments, during which you visit every 2 weeks. You can enjoy the result after 3 to 6 months.

The most effective home remedies for hair loss:


Foods with zinc and biotin: nuts, fish, eggs, soybeans, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, and dairy products


Constitutional and hormonal balding can even be prevented with gentle means from nature: The seeds of fenugreek (in capsule form from the pharmacy) strengthen the hormonal balance. This strengthens and stops balding at the same time.

Onion Juice:

Onion juice contains sulfur, which helps in growing back hair. People with alopecia areata can apply this home remedy on their scalp twice daily. You may use essential oils, like lemon and lavender oil, to help mask the onion smell.

Iron Supplementation:

Iron is a vital nutrient associated with healthy hair growth. Lack of iron in the body can deplete important blood nutrients to supply the hair, possibly leading to hair loss. Iron-rich foods include meat, fish, tofu, poultry, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables. Consult a doctor for proper iron supplement dosage because excessive iron can cause adverse effects. 

Saw Palmetto:

This fruit from a small palm tree is thought to help prevent the breakdown of testosterone or the male hormone. It’s safe to be taken with other medications for hair loss treatment. 

Other natural remedies for hair loss:

Good nutrition and a stress-free life are essential in preventing and treating hair loss. Thus, eat nutritious meals, like fruits, vegetables, and healthy meat. 

Nuts, fish, eggs, soybeans, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, and dairy products are available. These foods contain the trace elements zinc and biotin, which are required for growth. If you don’t consume enough of it, you can also use zinc supplements (from the pharmacy).

In particular, eating healthy oatmeal recipes before bed can help improve hair growth because of healthy vitamins, such as magnesium and slow-digesting protein. These nutrients are good for the hair. You may try healthy oatmeal products available at Proper Good and other trusted food producers.   

Shampoos with caffeine (drugstore) help against daily balding Caffeine strengthens roots and at the same time promotes blood circulation in the scalp.

Good to know:

The treatment takes up to 30 minutes and is virtually painless, Maintenance treatments are necessary to keep the result optimal. If you have alopecia areata or spot baldness, mesotherapy is unfortunately not that effective.

Discuss in advance with your doctor whether your hair problem is suitable for the treatment.

 Growth treatments, therefore, ensure less balding, new growth, and are strong and radiant. The hormone DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, determines how sensitive your hair follicles are to baldness and the degree of balding. With the help of mesotherapy, this hormone level is restored, with all the positive effects that entail.