Slips and falls are by far the most prominent type of personal injury cases worldwide. And while several factors, including assault, can cause slips and falls, the injuries can often be severe for the victim. Fortunately, if you have experienced a slip and fall incident, you can claim compensation for your damages by visiting this URL or by seeking the help of an expert personal injury lawyer. Your damages will include medical bills, lost income, and even pain and suffering in some cases. With that said, these are the most typical injuries that are associated with slip and fall accidents, and some of them can lead to life-long mobility issues.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a minor or severe type of back injury that a seemingly minor slip and fall can cause. However, this type of injury is also common in car accident victims. While in some cases, treatment includes medication and physiotherapy, if the injury is more severe, surgery is necessary. Because a herniated disc refers to the fragment of the nucleus disk that leads to the spinal cord, this injury can heal without surgical intervention in minor cases. Even so, medical treatment is still essential.

Broken Bones

Broken arms, legs, and hip bones are also typical when it comes to slips and falls. These injuries require medical attention as a broken bone must be set in a cast to heal properly. However, in extreme cases, surgery could be necessary as pins might be essential to help the bone heal straight.

Spinal Cord And Back Injuries

This category of injuries can be extremely severe, as spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis if severe enough. In the most severe instances, spinal cord injuries can be fatal, and even in minor cases, temporary paralysis can be the impact.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur from slips and fall if the victim hits their head on an object or the ground when falling. This category of injuries ranges from minor concussions to skull fractures and even brain hemorrhages. Suppose you have experienced a slip and fall accident and hit your head during the fall. You should seek immediate medical attention to ensure you have not sustained a traumatic brain injury, as there are cases where the symptoms are somewhat hidden. However, these injuries can also be extremely severe.

Sprained Wrists And Ankles

A sprained wrist or ankle might not seem all that severe, although this type of injury can hold you back for quite some time if you work with your hands. The same is true for an ankle fracture, as you will have mobility restrictions for quite a while. Even so, sprains usually heal within six weeks, and the injury is not considered severe.

Shoulder And Neck Injuries

Shoulder and neck injuries can range from minor muscle sprains to more severe spinal cord injuries. And they are prominent in slip and fall accidents. However, most often, shoulder dislocations are most common. A dislocated shoulder can also be accompanied by torn nerves and even a broken collarbone.