Over the century, our healthcare system has changed drastically.  If someone wants surgery, one can get it done very frequently as doctors and technology help people to fix their problems very scientifically without any fear.

Well, it is also important to talk about health issues at the same time because the food pattern and their lifestyle is changing tremendously nowadays.

Ahem! Recalling the era when COVID-19 infusion has started, where patients have been starving for the doctors. At that time patients having normal ortho problems, skin problems, and having other diseases suffered a lot.

Moreover, the consulting charge and the treatment charge are becoming more expensive.

However, healthcare mobile apps are a ray of hope as they are solving major healthcare problems very quickly and efficiently.

Current scenario with healthcare mobile app

Research by DR.Josh Liu on the TEDx shows that half of the generation is shifting towards smart healthcare solutions and governments are aware of funding more in the healthcare sector more in the fields of research and remote solutions.

Even patients feel very amazed by treating in a better and an efficient way.

Oh yes, we agree that the use of cellphones and technology have increased more till the 2000s and since today in 2020 every single person on the planet has access to cell phones and the internet on the planet.

So the healthcare challenges are solved by mobile applications and software nowadays. The digital health revolution is happening tremendously in Canada, the United States of America, and the rest of the world.

Dr. Josh Liu talks about the patient case study where a patient was diagnosed with lung cancer and even in the 21st century the patient surgery was very challenging in Ontario.  Doctors from all around were invited to do surgery successfully.

The patient’s name is David. David’s surgery was successful but how to examine his situation being at different places was a big question.  Then once the doctor had a mobile app on which David got registered and he was under surveillance till his health got better. See how applications are useful these days.

So empowering patients like David, healthcare applications is such a blessing.

Even mobile companies have integrated the health care application as the main feature to track fitness, diet, weight management, and much more.

Other such software and applications used by doctors are the Epocrates app, Omron heart guide app, alivecor app, Oticon hearing fitness app.

So it’s quite predictable that third-party integration and use of applications in the healthcare industry will continue happening at an exploding rate.

According to a world statistics survey,  almost 50% of the world’s population uses healthcare applications which is a huge one.

According to the world health care summit,

Telemedicine has had an annual growth rate of 40% in Canada for the past few years. Among the risks associated with the advancement of technology and healthcare, it’s unbelievable that technology is fulfilling the role of the doctor.

In 2017, 142 million medical and health apps were expected to be downloaded and an estimated 65% of consumer healthcare transactions were to be made using mobile devices.

Key features leading the future of healthcare applications:

Patients involvement and condition:

Patients facing emergency problems; not even emergency but normal problems are consulting remotely, diagnose faster hence healing faster, overall growth will be better.

Trouble-free appointment and scheduling:

Availability of a team of doctors is available on the application now and then so it would be like calling your family member from Whatsapp to get things done.

Trouble-free access to lab results and reports:

In every normal checkup, doctors preferably do basic reports and scaling to streamline the conclusion of what gets wrong with the patient. Healthcare applications developed by top healthcare app developers had come with an advantage with the easy accessibility of lab results and reports.

Efficient and fast billing process: 

Well, the billing part is very annoying in every hospital and clinic because one needs to stand by and wait to complete the process. But with the use of healthcare applications, they are having inbuilt subscription plans and facilities for quick billing.

Management  of way of living:

In today’s world, the lifestyle of every person is very hectic and trapped that one does procrastinate for the doctor checkups and treatment. But due to these applications, one can easily get into the chain of caring and healing.

Best treatments and suggestions:

As patients can get exposure to the whole blockchain network of doctors who exist in every field can be treated with every possible outcome and treatment.

So the best treatment and suggestions with follow-up are designed for the patients of the world.

Sleek workflow and processes.

With the added feature in the applications to record the patient’s data and have a checklist on which medicines and what treatments are given to the patient. It is finely recorded data of every patient.

So the processes and workflow become more easier and time-efficient.

Challenges that healthcare applications face

Data management:

In the world of technology and the black internet, it is very tough to secure all data privacy and maintain it properly. but with more innovation in the IT sectors, it is still possible to manage everything in the best manner.

Mandatory regulations and compliances:

While launching and preparing any model the regulatory bonds and processes are a time-consuming and long process.

And after launching the add-on feature needs to be licensed so again it goes hand in hand and acquires more time.

Cloud integration and interface management:

In layman’s way, we must understand that it’s huge or really big data to be managed properly.

One can not run their laptops without antivirus then one can feel the difficulty level of data management.


The problems, challenges, and the current scenario is discussed, out of which overall it is concluded that technology can help us to bridge all the gaps and overcome all the probable issues that come as a hindrance in the healthcare industry.

Every invention and innovation has its way of serving the people and challenging the people but in a nutshell, it will serve mankind in a better way.

Issues with ethics like trust, quality, equity, have decreased with the more usage of technology and proper deliverables.

Authenticity and authorization are transparent hence people face carefree shuffling of applications even in the matter of health.

 It is good on the doctor’s side also because doctors get one platform to serve people and they can consult more patients at a time. It would help for both and viz. v.

One can check doctors’ profiles and degree assurance from the given profile only. The certification and license approval so one doubts on their prescription and treatment that they suggest to the patient.

It is a real fact that after the pandemic people are scared of visiting the hospitals so healthcare applications will serve people as a blessing.