As veterinary services have gone online, it has expanded the scope of vet care as you can consult a vet online at any hour of the day round the clock throughout the year. More and more pet parents are availing of the services of vets through online consultations to save time and for convenience. Often pets might have some minor health issues that vets can resolve efficiently through online consultations and avoid the hassles of taking the pet to the vet clinic.

Vet parents are now much relieved as pet care is available at their doorsteps as telemedicine is growing popular, especially to overcome the restrictions of movements and physical human interactions during the Covid19 pandemic. Although the pandemic situation compelled people to fall back on telemedicine, it shows all signs of becoming a game-changer in the long run, especially for pet care.

Are you wondering how do I find a Vet online? Then please go through this article that will show you the way.

Contact a vet care aggregator

Although you might find some veterinarians listed on the internet in some directories, it will not be easy to avail of their online services as they might not be having the necessary infrastructure for it. Even some vets might be interested at all in offering online pet care services.  You will waste your effort and time to find out individually from the vets about their interest n offering online pet care services. Instead, you must search online to find some vet care aggregator which provides a platform for providing vet care services. The aggregator maintains a database of vets interested in providing online pet care services. By logging on to the aggregator’s website, you can select any vet that seems suitable for you.

Services provided by the aggregator

The aggregator’s website acts as your interface with licensed veterinarians, thousands of who are enlisted with the aggregator and use the platform for interacting with clients and providing telemedicine. The website offers the facility of holding online consultations through video chat sessions after booking an appointment with your chosen vet. Telephonic and chat consultancy are also available, and the choice depends on the kind of consultation you are seeking. If talking to the vet only can solve your problem, then telephonic or chat consultations would suffice but if it requires the pet to require some visual examination, then setting up a video consultation is necessary.  Hearing from you about the pet’s problem facing the vet can recommend a suitable mode of consultation.

Fix an appointment

After choosing a vet, you must fix an appointment through the website, and it could usually take about 4-6 hours to get a slot for consultation.  The aggregator has a website and an app for ease of accessibility and connecting easily to the vets by using either a PC or any other mobile device like tablets and smartphones.

In addition to setting up the consultation sessions, some aggregators even serve prescriptions that ensure end-to-end service from diagnosis to product delivery.