Many babies are born with a crooked or misaligned set of teeth. It is not the worst thing in the world, yet it is not the best thing either. Misaligned teeth can affect the way a person talks. It can also cause chewing and digestion difficulties. A crooked set of teeth could decrease self-esteem (especially when smiling becomes impossible). This is why many adults become desperate to straighten their teeth. But is it too late for an adult? This article would explain the benefits of having aligned teeth and the methods adults can use in straightening their teeth.

The benefits of straight teeth

Dental health is just as important as every other part of our body system. And sometimes, brushing is not enough to keep the teeth healthy. This is particularly true for people with crooked teeth.

Besides, misaligned teeth are not arranged properly, making it easy for food particles to get stuck in the teeth and decay after a while. Straight teeth, however, are distributed more evenly in the mouth. This way, the pressure, while chewing (or talking), is even. Having straight teeth might seem like it’s merely for aesthetics. But it is worth it in every way. Below are reasons you should book a dentist appointment now for straightened teeth.

1.     Straighten teeth aids digestion

Proper chewing helps the body to digest food easily. However, when the teeth are not doing a great job breaking down the food particles, the stomach has to do it. The digestion process then becomes slower, and the tendency of developing stomach (or bowel) issues becomes higher. Besides, nutrients that are supposed to be derived from the food will also not be well-extracted.

2.     It’s easier to keep straight teeth healthy and clean

Overcrowded and improperly aligned teeth are obviously harder to maintain. Foods get stuck, and the brush cannot reach some teeth. And we know what happens when the teeth are not well-cleaned over a long time.

3.     Speech becomes much clearer

Although subtle, the teeth affect the way people talk. Misaligned teeth tend to cause speech problems. It does this by changing the placement of the tongue, affecting how you speak. The best way to improve this situation is by aligning your teeth.  With teeth alignment, your speech becomes significantly clearer.

4.     Reduced risk of pain in the lower neck

One of the causes of pain in the neck or jaw is stress from crooked teeth. It could even graduate in headaches or pain on the side of the face. Aligning your teeth can save you from having to spend money on pain treatment.

5.     The underlying gum of crooked teeth have a high tendency for a disease infection

Because it is difficult to clean your teeth when they are not aligned effectively, food particles could accumulate and cause gum disease. Gum disease (as any other disease) is uncomfortable. It can also cause redness or bleeding.

6.     Minor dental accidents can turn into major ones when a person has crooked teeth.

Misaligned teeth are more susceptible to damage than straight teeth. And that is why a minor accident could lead to a broken (or knocked out) tooth. This can become a worst-case scenario when the hit/accident is worse.

Other benefits of aligned teeth over crooked teeth are the reduced risk of chips, cracks, breaks, wear and/or tear in the teeth. You also do not have to worry about cavities when you have straight teeth. Straight teeth can boost a person’s confidence (especially when the smile is perfect and the first impression is on point). Finally, Sleep is much sweeter when the teeth are aligned. So hurry, find a dentist near you to begin your journey towards straighter teeth.

Challenges of straightening teeth as an adult

As adults, most of your organs and body parts are already fully developed (particularly the bones). That means it would take longer to correct a misalignment in an adult than in a child. If a child spends three months in treatment, an adult may spend up to 6 months or even a year to align their teeth.

More so, even if you are willing to find a dentist and wait for the treatment, no matter how long it takes, you may still have to battle low self-esteem and feeling self-conscious during the wait. Besides, as an adult, you may want a less obvious solution than braces. Most people do not want to be walking the streets, smiling with metallic braces on. Apart from the fact that wearing braces look awkward, it is also not very convenient.

Another option is oral surgery by an experienced and qualified dentist. It is fast and does not kill the smile during treatment, as braces do. However, it is expensive. And not every adult can afford it.

These challenges might seem like the perfect smile, is impossible to reach. Fortunately, there are other options that you can try to reach your goal of an aligned set of teeth.

Teeth straightening methods for adults

Below are the other methods that adults can try to attain straighter teeth.

1.     At-home clear aligners

Clear aligners in a layman’s language are aligners that are clear-colored. Some call them the invisible aligners. They are the alternative to traditional and too obvious aligners. They help re-arrange a person’s teeth slowly by moving the teeth gently into place over a long period. They are more flexible, convenient, and the best of all, hidden to the world.

Byte teeth aligners are a popular option when choosing clear aligners. It is made of clear plastic instead of the traditional metals of braces and is made to fit the uniqueness of a person’s mouth. Among its advantages is that it is removable. This is very useful when brushing or eating. It is also easy to clean and improves oral health. You also do not have to worry because it is very cost-effective.

2.     Veneers

Another dental alternative to traditional braces is Veneers. They are made of porcelain and are so thin that they look like actual teeth. An experienced and qualified dentist usually cuts it to fit a person’s unique teeth set. It is placed over the front of the teeth after the thin layer of the patient’s enamel has first been removed.

Treatment using a dental veneer could last about ten years before having to replace them. One of the advantages of doing a porcelain Veneer procedure is that it protects the natural teeth from stains and other harm. It can also provide the perfect smile that you have been craving.

Although, there is a common rumor that Veneer affects the teeth negatively. This is not true. If proper precaution is taken before installation, then there should not be any problem. It is cost-effective and easy to take care of. However, Veneer is merely a cosmetic solution and does not necessarily treat misalignment.

3.     Bonding

Dental bonding uses a more chemistry approach to the treatment of misalignment in the teeth. It involves using a tooth-colored adhesive (resin) to harden and repair the teeth. This improves the overall appearance of the teeth and brightens the teeth for a perfect smile.

It is not permanent and is harmless to the teeth (if done by a proper dentist). It can take about 4 to 8 years before getting a re-do with the dentist. However, it is important that while attempting this procedure, make sure that you find a dentist that is qualified and well-experienced. This is so that you avoid making the situation worse.

4.     Hidden braces (lingual braces)

Lingual braces are very much similar to the traditional braces in that they are braces made of metal. However, they are not placed in front of the teeth where it is obvious. Instead, they are placed behind the teeth, hence why they are called hidden braces. They also have the wires and brackets that traditional braces have. So they can get very uncomfortable. At first, they might not seem like a good option because they are a little expensive, hard to clean, and affect speech. But if you are looking for a fast yet hidden method to get your teeth straightened, it is not so bad.

5.     Ceramic Braces

Another method for adults to get their teeth straightened is the use of clear ceramic braces. As the name suggests, they are invisible because they are clear or teeth-colored. They are also more gentle on the teeth because they are made from ceramics and not metals.

Ceramic braces contain silver wires and brackets that help move the teeth back into place slowly. And unlike lingual braces, ceramic braces can be removed and cleaned. Therefore, a stain is not much of a concern with this method. Though they are not as fast in treating misalignment as the lingual braces, they are invisible, gentle, cost-effective, comfortable, and flexible.


It’s not too late for an adult to get straight teeth, and different methods are available. However, each option comes with its pros and cons. So you might need to read on each one mentioned above to know which one is best suited for you based on your dental health need. You can also visit a qualified dentist to find out more about each method and which is best for your teeth.