Whether for therapeutic purposes or as wellness treatment, massages have become an indispensable part of our lives. There is a large selection of different methods. Gentle, calming massages or revitalizing, stimulating kneading cures, clothed or directly on the skin, and using aids such as hot stones and nourishing oils. There is a suitable approach for every need and every concern. There are numerous arguments in favor of massage therapies, especially those relating to health, Please click it here to check our Portable Massage Table which is very essential for massage.

We would like to record the top 10 advantages:

Fight stress

Since we cannot always avoid stress or prevent it, massages offer us a good and effective way to fight it or to reduce it. So massages have a health-promoting effect.

Promote sleep

During sleep, the body regenerates in order to be able to start everyday life stronger. Good, balanced sleep is therefore an important basis for vitality in life. Tension, worries, and thoughts can negatively affect it. The quality of sleep is significantly improved by the release of stress and internal obstructions that can occur during a relaxing therapeutic massage.

Pain relief

Stress, physically demanding activities, poor posture, or orthopedic/rheumatic problems cause pain in the musculoskeletal system. As a result, organic pain or internal complaints such as headaches also occur. The saying: “That hit me on the stomach” describes these side effects very well. The shoulders, back, neck, legs, and feet as well as the joints are mostly affected. For every part of the body, there are suitable massage methods that can alleviate the pain that is triggered. A noteworthy side effect of this, and almost an advantage in itself, is that you can sometimes do without chemical painkillers or at least reduce them

Reduce tension

Internal and physical tensions lead to tension and this, in turn, reduces our well-being and our performance. Massages give us relaxation and help to reduce mental loads.

Improvement of blood and lymph circulation

Lymph drainage is a therapeutic massage method that stimulates lymph flow. People who have had lymph nodes surgically removed often suffer from lymph congestion and water retention. The Japanese Amma massage, which translates as “calming hands”, can reduce blood pressure, while compression massages, for example on the legs, stimulate circulation.

Release energies

Where negative burdens are massaged away, there is room for positive energies. With the Shiatsu massage and many other variants, the energetic flow in the body is stimulated. The stimulation of the meridians releases energies and relieves tension. The so-called Qi, the life energy, is brought back into balance.

Strengthening the immune system

The release of positive energy and the stimulating effects of serotonin improve our health by strengthening the immune system. Risk factors for diseases can be reduced or prevented. Stress or inner restlessness, on the other hand, weaken us and can be switched off with a stimulating massage.

Relaxation, recreation, benefit

A tried and tested means of providing relaxation and recreation is a vacation. Massages are, so to speak, short vacations that allow us to relax and unwind in everyday life. A real treat for body and mind!

Moments of pleasure

Anyone who can indulge in a massage and “let go” during the treatment will experience full enjoyment. Such moments help us to get through the hectic working day or stressful everyday life in a good and healthy way. You just have to be able to get involved and believe in the effect.

Joy and life energy

The feeling after a massage is a happy and joyful one. The happiness hormones stimulated during the massage lead to this and increase well-being and motivation. If you run into someone with a relaxed smile on the street, they may just have had a massage.

Obviously, the benefits of massage are numerous and apply to just about everyone. Body and mind benefit from them, as long as one can get involved in the therapy. Because only then can the massage develop its effect. Whatever you expect from the treatment – relieving tension, enjoying a good quality of sleep, reducing stress or enjoying a moment of wellbeing – the decision which service is perfect for you