Being the best dentist is one of the factors in getting and keeping loyal patients and clients. However, this aspect is not enough to grow your pool of clients. Nowadays, marketing plays a significant role in all industries, including health care.

As a dentist, you’d want to make your image known to more patients and convince them to start coming to your clinic. With the advent of technology and online platforms, marketing strategies can be implemented more effortlessly.

You can check the following strategies and start seeing your clinic get more hectic each day with new patients:

  1. Ensure Your Website Is Responsive

Launching websites for companies, businesses, professionals, and even individuals are becoming more commonplace these days. If you look at well-established websites such as Ocean Dental, you’ll see that a dentistry website must be responsive and appealing enough for the visitors. You need to prepare and plan your website well, ensuring that your content is unique and stands out from the rest. The purpose of a website is to engage visitors, but most website owners often overlook this aspect. When you get a visitor on your site, you must formulate a strategy to convert them into a patient or at least a prospect.

Your website should aim to attract prospective patients through its features and content. Creating and developing an effective website, however, requires spending money. But with its efficacy and successful returns, your investment will be more than worth the price.

You can reach out to website developers and have these experts create your site. Once you’ve assigned this role to experienced website developers, ensure that they can:

  • Make your website easily navigable and simple to understand
  • Make your blogs informative and helpful
  • Upload clear photos of your best dental clinic, office, facilities, and staff
  • Display accurate contact information
  • Display client reviews and testimonials
  • Use SEO strategies effectively

You won’t have to worry about your investment cost as you can acquire more returns once clients start visiting your clinic. And what’s even great is that your website works 24/7, so anyone can access it and check your services anytime.

  1. Join Communities On Social Media

Using social media is another excellent tool to bring in new patients and strengthen relationships with existing ones. Social media’s power is increasing, and more brands and companies are taking advantage of it. Get ready to build better relationships and connect to more prospects with the help of social media communities.

People will hear from you or read your updates on social media more frequently now that they are following you. Building online communities for patients can be done on big platforms like Facebook. You should start reaching out to these communities and increase your followers.

Aside from keeping in touch and maintaining conversations, you can also share information and collect reviews from existing patients. New patients can take advantage of this opportunity to touch base more often and know more about you, your profession, and your company information.

  1. Start A Blog

You will gain more visibility on search engines like Google by starting a blog. The internet is an active source of information for patients. Nowadays, patients often rely on google when they experience any discomfort before taking action. For example, patients type in their questions online, expecting to find answers about certain symptoms or remedies. You can start a blog about dentistry by answering the most common questions of patients. To learn which topics are most frequently searched, you can learn more about SEO strategies.

Providing your blog with excellent writing and SEO optimization will improve your visibility among prospective patients. If you give them free and useful information, they might connect with you, schedule an appointment, and visit your clinic. They might even want to know more about the most important things to remember when choosing a dentist. People tend to search for these kinds of information online.

But before you begin blogging at random, develop your marketing strategy and conduct proper research first. Rather than launching blog posts by yourself, you can hire professional bloggers or website managers, preferably ones who are knowledgeable about dentistry.

  1. Consider Patient Referral Programs

New patients are usually the results of referrals from existing patients. Although this is quite expected, some clients tend to place little importance on referrals. They often forget to refer you to their friends, even when they’ve been your patient for a long time. One way to remind them about this is to offer referral bonus programs.

The mechanics of this system is convenient and easy. If the referred person (a patient’s family member or friend) visits your practice, then the original referrer receives a reward, such as a product discount or a discount for a future appointment. You can use this program to encourage loyalty, and at the same time, get more customers.  You can also get their contact information, like email addresses, and include them in your email list for the latest offers or perhaps discounts.

  1. Apply Video Marketing Strategies

As a growing number of people spend more time on their screens, it’s understandable why this next method is considered one of the most effective. The online video market is booming, and the steps to creating promotional videos are not that difficult. This is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise to a wider audience. If you browse online, you may see uploaded content from fellow dentists explaining useful facts and information about dentistry. This exposure is more than enough to gather more patients.

Here are some types of videos you can create and post on your website or social media platforms:

  • Welcome Videos

Your website needs a welcome video for new visitors. Establish a presence right away by introducing your team and showcasing your facilities. This will allow your future patients to see what you can offer and gain their trust in your expertise and credibility.

  • Testimonial Videos

Provide patients with the option of leaving a video review before they exit your site. You can gather your loyal clients and ask if they’re willing to make a testimonial video. This is an excellent way to market your services online. You can show this video in your clinic so other patients can catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be your patient.

  • Tooth Treatment Videos

People would want concrete proof that a treatment or procedure works effectively before they pay for it. With tooth treatment videos, viewers can get an accurate presentation of what the actual operation, surgery, or treatment will look like. This will help build trust among your future clients and showcase your hard-earned expertise in dentistry.


These marketing strategies, when applied, will truly help bring in new patients and keep the current ones. Although applying these tactics can be pricey and challenging at first, the returns will definitely be worth the investment. However, the results won’t be instant, and you need to be patient as these strategies will yield promising results, gradually, in the long run.

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