Acne is a skin condition that affects most people at a certain point in their lifetime. The condition affects your appearance and can be emotionally distressful. Although acne goes away with proper treatment, it might leave behind unattractive acne scars that constantly remind you about your skin condition. Fortunately, the board-certified and experienced dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology provide various effective treatment options to enhance the appearance of acne scars and the overall look of your skin. For acne scars in Fort Worth, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Are the Causes of Acne Scars?

Acne refers to a skin disease that develops when hair follicles or pores get clogged with dead skin cells. This results from the overproduction of oil. When bacteria are trapped in the clogged follicle or pore, it causes an infection that leads to irritation and inflammation. When acne gets deeper into your skin tissue, it might damage the skin plus the underlying tissues. After treating your acne, your skin repairs the damage leaving back a scar.

Who Has Higher Chances to Get Acne Scars?

Not everybody with acne develops scars when the acne clears up. You might be more likely to get acne scars if:

  • You don’t acquire the proper treatments for your acne.
  • You get inflammatory acne.
  • Family background or history of acne scars.
  • You squeeze, pick, or burst your acne.

Although you can’t always prevent acne scars, delayed treatment might upsurge your risk of developing acne scars. The team at Northstar Dermatology is experienced in acne treatment and care. It offers an effective remedy to treat your acne without leaving behind long-term complications such as acne scars.

Types of Acne Scars

All acne scars are not the same. More so, the type of acne scar plays a massive role in determining the best treatment for you. The two types of acne scars include:

  • Depressed acne scars

A significant percentage of people with acne scars have pitted or depressed scars. Also referred to as atrophic scars, these types of scars mainly affect the face and are categorized by their shape, including, icepick, rolling, and boxcar scars.

  • Raised acne scars

Also known as hypertrophic acne scars, these types of scars often develop on the back.

What Are the Available Acne Scar Treatment Options?

When you visit Northstar Dermatology for acne scar treatment, the team starts by inquiring about and reviewing your acne condition. They use an evidence-based approach and work with you to develop the best-individualized treatment plan to get rid of your acne scars. Some of the effective treatment options available include:

  • Microneedling

This treatment involves the use of a Microneedling device that makes micro-injuries on your skin surface. The injury stimulates your skin’s natural healing powers and induces collagen production to repair the acne scars.

  • Acne Scar Surgery

In severe cases of acne scars, the dermatologist might recommend you to undergo acne scar surgery. The surgery involves lifting the depressed acne scar, making it less visible, and enhancing your skin’s appearance.

In conclusion, living with acne scars can be emotionally distressing and lower your self-esteem. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with these scars any longer. For effective acne scars treatments, call or schedule an appointment online with Northstar Dermatology today.