Family planning is the process of controlling how many children you have. Birth control entails a lot, as this is between two partners who are in a relationship. It is essential to plan how many children you want before having them; this way, you will be able to manage yourself accordingly without having to strain. Family planning in McAllen may vary depending on individuals.

Many people are not aware of different family planning types, thus choosing the wrong method. However, there is friendly family planning which can make you feel comfortable and live a stress-free lifestyle. Keep following this article to learn more about birth control options and how they work.

How Many Types of Birth Control Are There?

  1. Hormonal Birth Control Method- This is a method that is used to thicken cervical mucus. This enables the cervical to slow down in receiving the sperms that can cause fertilization. The hormonal method may include the following:
  • Family planning pills.
  • Implants.
  • Family planning injections.

 The side effect of the hormonal method is that the menstrual cycle can stop or slow down from its normal functioning. However, this tends to be beneficial to some women.

  1. Barrier Birth Control Method- This is the prevention of sperm from reaching the egg for fertilization. An impediment is used to prevent the sperm from fertilization. Barrier birth control methods may include the following:
  • Cervical cap.
  • Female condoms.
  • Birth control sponge.
  • Male condoms.

The barrier birth control method does not have serious side effects, perhaps only some allergy reactions on women, which tend to be mild. However, this method is proposed to decrease the chances of pregnancy.

 Are There Long and Short Term Birth Control Options?

Yes! Birth control may vary depending on individuals. Some women prefer the long-term method due to their tight schedules. However, some women prefer the short-term method as they only need this for a short while, and that’s it. Below are a few examples of long and short-term birth control methods.

  • Nexplanon- This is a type of implant that lasts for at least three and above years.
  • Depo-Provera- This type of birth control is an injection that lasts for about three months.
  • NuvaRing- A type of vaginal ring that can last for up to 3 weeks only.

What Are the Demerits of Birth Control Methods?

  • Hormonal changes- That can tamper with your normal cycle. This can affect your menses which may cause complications in the future.
  • Weight gain- Some women may experience abnormal weight gain or weight loss which may change their appearance.
  • Mood changes- With these hormone-based products, some women will react to them, thus tampering with their normal mood.
  • Nausea- Women can experience nausea during family planning; however, this is very normal but can change your eating habits.

All Birth Control Methods Have Their Good and Bad Sides, of Which You Will Choose One That Suits Your Lifestyle

It is necessary to know your body appropriately before using any birth control method. This way, you will manage to choose the right one with fewer side effects. But keep in mind the body does respond differently; thus, what works for you may not work for someone else.