Laser hair removal has been gaining a lot of traction lately, and the buzz is pretty standard. Now that more and more people in New York have been giving up traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, many myths and misconceptions surround people’s minds.

And, why not? Each mouth speaks a different story.

So, now that you’re considering this treatment for yourself, you’re in a tiff- whether you should do it for yourself or not.

Well, to validate your choosing process, it is worth reading through the article that pledges to bust the common myths and answer some questions about a laser hair removal treatment. All you’ve to do is read on with an open bent of mind. Let’s get going debunking what these are:

  • Is the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Painful?

Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance. An individual’s pain threshold related to skin sensitivity varies based on their menstrual cycle, the medications they’re undergoing, or their state of health.

Do you hear people’s complaints about a painful waxing session? If yes, then you’ll attain a sigh of relief knowing that the pain associated with laser hair removal isn’t anywhere close to waxing. So, if you’ve had waxing and are thinking of giving laser hair removal treatment a shot, then you can be assured that it’ll be a pain-free procedure.

  • Laser Hair Removal doesn’t work on Red-headed and Light-haired People?

Thanks to the technology used at New York clinics, people of all hair types can have laser hair removal. Professionals use an efficient laser with high brightness and more energy per light pulse than the others. And, that’s what makes hair removal treatment effective for clients with less pigment in fair skin and hair. Also, the treatment works wonders with darker skin types.

  • Is the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Expensive to Maintain?

It’ll come as a surprise, but laser treatment is very affordable. More than anything, research is the key to ensuring that the laser hair removal new york clinic you’re visiting uses medical-grade equipment or not. Also, see if the therapist has adequate experience and professional training.

  • Is it true that Laser Hair Removal isn’t Safe?

Well, that’s a pure myth, incredibly, when you’ve satisfied yourself with the professionalism and experience of the doctors. And, why not? Why will you find a clinic that doesn’t offer advanced medical grade and hair removal technology? Thus, not having a safe and most effective result is out of the question. After all, professionals ensure that their clients are in safe hands.

  • Does Laser Hair Removal Cause More Hair to Grow Back?

Well, again- that’s a complete and most common myth.

Laser hair removal focuses hair laser energy through the skin and into the base of the hair follicle. The pigment absorbs the laser light into the hair follicle. This light damages it significantly so that hair no longer grows back.

In most cases, these don’t grow back, which is great news compared to shaving and waxing.

The Bottom Line- A Word from the Verywell

Now that you’ve busted certain myths surrounding laser hair removal, you’ll be glad to recognize this as a fantastic procedure. Therefore, what’s keeping you waiting?

It’s time to head over to a dermatologist and get started with your treatment right away. After all, it’s a safe hair removal procedure, is less expensive, saves time, and bypasses the in-grown hair.

In the end, it’s about great times backed by excellent hair removal, so why not hurry?