The medical industry is prone to health fraud and is continuously damaging its put off suspicious activities KYP solution is the best in the market.

Comparing with the other businesses the healthcare industry is not one of the early adopters of modernized technology. Ranging from maintaining patient data records to medical equipment the medical care didn’t get enough technological exposure. Whereas digitalization has come up with multiple opportunities just for the ease of the customers but unlike other businesses, the fraudsters are also taking advantage of such opportunities in order to manipulate the system. Therefore to stop the increasing number of medical frauds the healthcare industry is integrating online ID verification solutions into their systems which ensures that they are dealing with legitimate patients and also deter the risk of being manipulated by the fraudsters.

Know Your Patient Meaning 

Know your patient processes enables the medical business to authenticate the healthcare ID of the patient by verifying their real identities. The healthcare industry tends to deal with the sensitive information of the patient which can’t bear breaches. Therefore know your patient verification, validates the patients before providing them the digital services which promise utmost data security in healthcare.

How KYP Works

  • For the patients who tend to open the online medical store or healthcare portals, the system requests the online customers provide government-issued identity documents that have pictures in them such as ID cards, driving licence, passport, etc.
  • Furthermore, the patients have to upload the photo of their face using a selfie camera in order to authenticate the face features by verifying them against the provided documents.
  • Age verification is also conducted which verifies the customers’ age before prescribing the drugs. To do so, the patient’s name and date of birth are authenticated from the provided documents.
  • Patient screening is done to fulfil the AML checks and global sanctions list just to verify that the respective customers don’t involve in any suspicious activities.

 DHSC’s Principles to Deter Medical  Fraud

  • Healthcare businesses must have a centralized management system that should be based on the NHS guidelines. Therefore in case of any criminal activity, the ohs bodies and counter fraud board are held accountable.
  • Medical care should establish a collaborative approach for data sharing between the businesses. Moreover, risk management should be done by the higher management and formulate strategies to run process seamlessly
  • Fighting financial fraud is the duty of every single employee regardless what’s their designation. Daily guidance and quality framework are viable for combating health identity frauds. The employees must have knowledge regarding the reporting requirements as well as the measure to combat fraud
  • The healthcare industry is obliged to develop in-house anti-fraud strategies which will help them to determine multiple types of scams including patient identity theft, fake insurance claims, online prescription scams, etc.

Use Case of KYP

The technology boom has provided automated verification solutions to authenticate the identities of patients. Such solutions have biometric verification embedded into them which gives no space for the fraudsters to run their suspicious activities. This Cost friendly solution makes the healthcare industries fight the rising number of medical frauds effectively. By employing KYP into the system healthcare privacy and security will be enhanced and loopholes will be deterred.

Patient Information Confidentiality 

The health regulators have established policies and guidelines regarding patients’ data privacy. Medical care tends to deal with sensitive information and it’s mandatory to incorporate guidelines to secure the patients’ information confidentiality. The flow of data must be thoroughly monitored to determine the suspicious activities in order two prevent the risk of data breaches. The health industry is obliged by the regulators to develop strategies as they tend to deal with Protected health information in order to protect patient data confidentiality. Otherwise, in any case of data breaches or involvement in giving space to the fraudsters can lead to hefty fines.

Deterring Minor Exploitation 

In order to prevent the online drug service from identity fraudsters, digital id verification for pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom is mandatory before dispatching the drugs to online customers. ID verification systems have an age authentication solution integrated into them which tends to verify the age of the customers who have to buy any age-restricted drug through digital platforms. Therefore this reduces the transparency between the doctor and the patients developing a customer-friendly environment.

Final Thoughts

Digital knowledge of your patient solution opens the gateway to fight the never-ending war with fraudsters. Healthcare industries by employing such online verification procedures ensure that the online patients are legitimate and do not possess any threats that can affect the flow of the medical care businesses. AI in healthcare security issues is viable for the sustainability of the health service providers.