The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed several businesses to make their sales and marketing team operate remotely. The pharmaceutical business is increasingly adapting Salesforce implementation services. Closed-loop marketing is the order of the day and salesforce efficiency in this industry plays a crucial role in providing businesses with significant potential to advance organic growth.

Salesforce for Pharma: SANeForce is the way to go! 

SANeForce aims to make the system completely more transparent and communicate more clearly between its headquarters and the staff on the ground. The program has proved successful in automating the salesforce to improve efficiency with over one million users worldwide.

Here are some of the benefits of SANeForce automation:

Better control over sales and marketing team

SAN SFE, a unique solution from SANeForce, enables your sales and marketing teams to target consumers from a diversified field with a defined strategy. Our methodology of closed loop marketing for the pharmaceutical industry is specifically developed to increase operational efficiency throughout the human capital of organizations.

  • Capture the travel plan of field force

The Tour Plan system is an essential component of the Salesforce platform. The portal may be used to submit the field force’s travel plans for the next month. Based on these, various activity reports are created to allow management to make educated decisions. Secondary sales and long-term sales growth are critical variables in secondary sales.

  • Execute campaigns, experience growth

On our sales force automation platform, pharmaceutical firms execute several campaigns based on product or client. Product-based campaigns are based on consumers who have been identified as such by the firm or the field force. The order booking software makes things very simple and easy.

Some of the features of SANeForce include:

  • Daily reporting, precise management

Field forces may update their daily activities in real-time, which is accessible via web and mobile devices. Our platform is capable of changing the pattern in which the report is recorded. Various controls have been effectively implemented, such as a locking system, a Tour Plan-based system, and a system based on mandatory parameters.

  • Centralized expense management

Field force expenses are entirely auto-generated based on daily reporting for each day of the month. The number of territories, territory kind, tour itinerary for the month, and Standard Fare Chart per each organization’s rules is among the numerous criteria considered.

  • Reporting on the go, rather effectively

Using our mobile application, the field force can concentrate on selling. Field force activity, resource, and sales data will all be available in a single application. Self-analysis and team analysis are made simple, which is critical for long-term progress. Offline reporting is a crucial tool that allows field forces to keep track of all their activities.

  • Geo-fencing and exploring nearby customers

The Geo-Fenced area can be changed at any moment. Customers not on an organization’s master or field force list can be added using the “Nearby” feature. You can calculate the distance from the present position, and the visit will result in the addition of a new client.

The incredible features of SANeForce will improve the efficiency and sales management of your company. If your enterprise has poor returns, get SANeForce-led Pharma CRM to obtain a one-stop platform to increase your sales and manage your teams correctly.