What could be safer than walking in the mall on a rainy day? That would be finding wet floor signs, of course. Without proper warnings and signs, people can get hurt. Individuals strolling might slip and hit their heads. This scenario is a classic case of a personal injury. When someone gets hurt, they will want compensation. But the question is, can you get any payment when you slip as you stroll across the wet floor of the mall? Can you get help from a professional? Will someone be responsible for the negligence? We answer yes. But you better stick around if you want to find out more.

A Quick Word On Personal Injuries 

Personal injuries can happen due to several situations. Check them out below:

  • Accidents

When someone becomes negligent, it could lead to another individual suffering an injury or two. Some examples of this type of personal injury include medical malpractice, workplace negligence, and so on.

  • Intentional acts

Personal injuries also involve intentional acts of people. These acts cause harm to another person.

  • Defective products

When an individual uses a defective product, it could lead to them getting hurt one way or another.

  • Defamation

There are also instances where a person’s defamatory statement or claim will cause suffering for another individual.

What Happens If You Suffer A Personal Injury?

The first obvious thing you should do is get well and recover your health. Once you finish that, you can go ahead and take legal action. You have the choice to contact a legal specialist. In this case, it would be a personal injury lawyer. Such a professional worker will assist you in claiming any compensation for a personal injury.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a professional legal specialist who works on personal injury cases. They can work on the following instances:

  • Dog bites
  • Public place injury
  • Defective product 
  • Assault/battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Employee work compensation
  • Medical malpractice
  • Environmental negligence
  • And so much more


When you request compensation, courts will usually grant what they call damages. Damages are what you get for injuries you sustain and damage to your properties. There are three primary types of damages:

  • General damages

General damages are related to the costs and things that usually do not have an amount of money attached to them. Such damages include emotional trauma, stress, loss and suffering, pain, wrongful death, and so much more.

  • Special damages

Special damages involve items and things that have a monetary value attached to them. Some examples include medical expenses, property repair and property replacement, lost income, and so on.

  • Punitive damages

Courts issue punitive damages as a form of punishment. Punitive damages are for individuals who intentionally caused personal injury to another person. A person guilty of punitive damages might also receive additional criminal charges.

Your personal injury lawyer will do what it takes for you to get what you receive. However, take note that each state has different regulations and laws regarding damages. What you might get from one place might not be the same once you get to another location. 

Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer

It is not that difficult to locate a personal injury lawyer. Each city has its share of law firms and private practices. So you can pay one a visit for an appointment. But if you don’t want to spend hours waiting in an office lobby, you do not need to worry. Instead, you can head online to look for a personal injury lawyer. You can take it easy as you search, as there is no shortage of law sites and legal platforms available. Finding a decent personal injury lawyer Baltimore, MD has to offer will be as easy as pie.

How Long Will The Settlement Last?

It depends on a variety of determinants. These factors can determine how long a settlement can go on. 

  • Problematic legal issues
  • Issues regarding facts and evidence
  • The settlement involves a specific amount of cash
  • You as the victim, have not yet completely recovered

Each of these factors can make a case shorter or longer. But you have the option to take the short route. But you will need to spend a fortune to make it happen. Your personal injury lawyer can assist you with that as well. 

The Takeaway

Suffering from a personal injury is no laughing matter at all. Such an injury might be harmless, or it could be life-threatening. So once you become the victim of a personal injury, it is best to take legal steps. Finding and hiring a personal injury lawyer will definitely become the best action you can take. The legal professional worker will do everything in their power to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. In addition, they will make sure that any responsible party or individual will face just consequences.