Here at PhytAge Labs, we’re proud to offer the most effective all-natural health supplements that are made entirely from organic ingredients. Whether you want to improve your vision, hearing, lower your blood pressure, or simply maintain better overall health, we have a health supplement for you.

Take a look at our full range of products to see how we can help you reach your health goals:

Acid Reflux 911

Fight off acid reflux with this unique combination of vitamins.

Blood Pressure 911

Lower hypertension and gain control over your blood pressure with this all-natural supplement. Through a combination of B vitamins and Niacin, you can bring back the quality of your life.

Clear Sound 911

Hear the world the way you used to with our Clear Sound 911 supplement. This blend of all-natural ingredients will cleanse your auditory nerves and may even help develop new internal ear hairs, which are critical for quality hearing.

Eagle Eye 911

Protect your eyes and your vision health with this boost of powerful lutein, a vitamin that is critical for your vision.

GlucoType 911

With a blend of magnesium, banaba, bitter melon, and more, this health supplement will help you gain control of your blood sugar levels, helping to stave off Type 2 diabetes and other health complications.

Heart Beat 911

With the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, you need to do everything you can to protect your heart. Heart Beat 911 supports your overall heart health and helps to protect you from stroke, hardening of your arteries, and heart failure.

Immunity 911

Now more than ever, we realize the importance of a healthy immune system. From fighting off cases of flu, colds, and infections, your immune system works around the clock to keep you healthy. Why not give it a boost with our unique and powerful health supplement?

Internal 911

Cleanse the healthy, organic way with our Internal 911 supplement. This combination of specific ingredients cleanses your colon and works to purge toxins throughout your body.

Joint Relief 911

Backed by advanced research, this all-natural health supplement restores your joint health, allowing you to return to the daily activities you love.


Maximize the Keto diet with our organic supplement that’s filled with powerful ingredients. This supplement can boost your ketones and help you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Nerve Control 911

Protect your nervous system with this health supplement, which promotes nerve health influencing your senses, critical thinking skills, and muscle movement.

PhytAge Plus

Turn back the hands of time with PhytAge Plus, the powerful supplement that protects your skin and gives you that amazing glow.

Prostate 911

Protect your prostate with this health supplement.

Testo 911

Increase your energy levels, boost your immunity, and build a stronger body with our Testo 911 health supplement. Our blend of ingredients helps to return your testosterone levels, making you feel like a new man.

Thyroid Rescue 911

With a blend of zinc, iodine, and more, this health supplement helps your thyroid function properly by regulating your metabolism.

Tinnitus 911

Frustrated by that ringing or buzzing in your ears? Don’t let tinnitus run your life. Instead, try our unique Tinnitus 911 multivitamin, which works to counteract the symptoms of tinnitus with a blend of all-natural vitamins.

Turboboost 911

Nitric oxide is called the “miracle molecule” for a reason by helping your cells function and communicate. Boost your nitric oxide levels with this health supplement that can improve circulation, blood pressure levels, and fight fatigue.

Turmeric Total Boost

Turmeric is a powerful spice with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and a host of other health benefits to help you live a better life.

Urgent Cell Repair

Support your cellular health and give your body a much-needed boost with Urgent Cell Repair. This supplement promotes healthy cell growth and development and helps you on the path toward total cellular regeneration.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer

Attack the cause of fungus that can grow on our skin, nails, and hair to renew your health and improve your overall quality of life.

Urgent Liver 911

Your liver helps to support your overall body health, so why not give it a boost with this powerful health supplement? With a blend of curcumin, silymarin, yarrow, and more, this supplement flushes the fat from your liver and helps detox.

Varicose 911

Reduce leg itching and other irritations with this collagen booster that helps return strength to your veins so blood can flow effectively.