Sciatica is a common condition affecting many people. It is believed that 10 to 40 percent of the world’s population suffers from this condition. You are likely to experience inflammation, irritation, or pinching of the nerve due to the condition. You will also experience some pain in the lower back. Mild sciatica will go away on its own, but you will have to see a specialist for the treatment of severe cases. If you suffer from this condition, visit McNulty Spine, a Las Vegas sciatica specialist clinic for treatment. The team at the health facility will guide you through the treatment options.

Practice Good Posture

Most people have bad postures while doing all sorts of different activities. Did you know that bad posture affects your back? Slouching while sitting and lifting heavy objects with your legs close together is not encouraged as it will create immense pressure on your back. Ensuring that you follow good posture techniques if you are sitting, lifting objects, standing, or sleeping will relieve some pressure off your back. Good postures keep your backline healthy.

Maintaining a Good Healthy Weight

You might ignore this, although your weight is one of the risk factors of sciatica. This is because if you are overweight, you are likely to exert pressure on your spinal cord. You might experience herniated discs or inflammation because of being obese. To avoid being overweight, you should eat healthily and avoid eating foods that will increase your weight. If you maintain a healthy weight, you will have reduced the chance of suffering from this condition.

Exercise Regularly

Exercises help your body to stay healthy and strong. It would be best if you exercised to strengthen your lower back, core, and joints. Your core is vital for the movement of the body. Regular exercises will ensure that your core is strong for the support of your body. Some exercise techniques that you can adopt include aerobic exercise, flexibility training, and strength training.

Stop Smoking.

Smoking is one of the risk factors of sciatica. A cigarette contains nicotine which reduces blood flow to the body, impacting bone health. If you are a smoker, you are at a greater risk of contracting sciatica because of the limited blood supply in your bones. If you have a low blood flow causing reduced nutrient availability for your bones, your vertebral disks and spine will weaken, resulting in stress on the spine. It would help if you refrained from smoking to reduce your risk of suffering from sciatica.

Avoid Long Sitting Periods.

Prolonged sitting is likely to put pressure on the ligaments and discs in your lower back. It is recommended that if required by your job to sit for a long period, take some time off to stretch your legs and avoid the pressure on your lower back. If you can manage with less sitting, that would even be better.

Contact a Sciatica Specialist Today

It is essential to maintain a healthy back to avoid conditions such as sciatica. The condition can cause you to be uncomfortable because of the inflammation and mostly the pain. If not treated, it might become severe and difficult to treat. Therefore it is always wise if you start experiencing some constant pain in the lower back to see a specialist for diagnosis and treatment sooner rather than later. If you are in Las Vegas and suffer from this problem, visit the McNulty Spine clinic and talk to a specialist. Call them today to book your appointment.